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Newly Approved: Sustainability, Office Evolution & Hydration

Billi UK offer a course in helping to design a happy and healthy workspace.

Our latest CPD offers a unique insight into the evolving workspace and how sustainability and hydration contribute to employee wellbeing and happiness. We introduce different solutions to hydration needs in the workspace and explore how the design of these options create an engaged workforce in a sustainable environment.

We touch on factors that can contribute to creating a healthy workspace such as moving away from single use plastic, factoring energy efficiency into office design and the importance of employee wellbeing.

In terms of the options available, we advise on aesthetic considerations such as the dispensers, colours and finishes, while helping you understand the importance of filtration, scale management and regular maintenance.

By the end of the CPD you should have a greater understanding of:

– How to identify factors that contribute to a sustainable workspace.

– How the design of an office, and the amenities provided can contribute to employee productivity.

– How to identify the different factors that contribute to employee wellness and understand how hydration affects this.

RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology, Sustainable architecture

Knowledge level: General Awareness

Saving Space, Energy and Time

Billi products are designed with three things in mind. Design, functionality and sustainability – all of which result in quicker, easier access to hydration than ever before.

A greener, more sustainable workplace can reduce stress, enhance creative thought, improve clarity and increase happiness. Access to safe water, the elixir of life, is a fundamental human need. However, access to clean and filtered water can positively contribute to employee productivity through instant hydration.

Our CPD presentation “Saving Space, Energy and Time; design considerations when specifying sustainable drinking water systems” provides an insight into the sustainable provisions of drinking water in the workplace that save space, energy and time.  ​

Space – Our innovative, ventilation-free systems are up to 50% smaller than our competitor’s, allowing your design to be more economical and streamlined.
Energy – Our heat exchange technology means heat that would usually be lost through chilling is harnessed to preheat the boiling water, resulting in significant energy savings.
Time – Our cutting-edge technology results in systems that are efficient with the highest instant dispense cup rates, dispensing 90-250 cups of boiling water per hour.

Our CPD seminar looks at the design and specification of drinking water systems. It will help you to understand the following topics:

– Help to define client expectations for tea points.

– Understand the differences between water-cooled (heat-exchange technology) and air-cooled water systems.

– Identify space, energy and time requirements.

– Understand the drinking water industry accreditations.

– Recognise the importance of sustainability and plastic-free workplace. 

– Explain the impact of aesthetic considerations.

– Understand the importance of filtration, scale management and regular maintenance.

RIBA Core Curriculum: Design, construction and technology, Sustainable architecture

Knowledge level: General Awareness

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