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Product Support FAQs

How do I work out what size unit I need?

Billi quotes an initial cup delivery rate, which is the better measure for sizing a system than the hourly cup rates. Take as an example the Quadra 460XL. This has an immediate dispense capacity of 60 cups which means that if 60 people stood in a queue to get their hot drink, number sixty would receive theirs at the same temperature as number one.

How big is the under counter boiler unit?

All Billi units are designed to fit into standard cabinetry and under standard countertops. The Quadra Compact as an example measures 340 x 315 x 365 (H x W x D mm).

Can I order a tap that is higher than the standard?

Yes. We supply a 70mm riser as standard with a drainage font, and an option of 120mm riser. This gives a dispense height of 200mm and 250mm respectively.

Can I rent or lease a boiling and chilled unit?

Yes. We have a 36-month rental scheme, which includes all servicing. At the end of three years, just take out a brand-new updated machine on a new contract or return the old unit to us.

Can the taps dispense without holding the lever down?

Yes, with the standard XL tap the levers can be raised to allow constant dispense, for refilling a jug for example.

How do I stop staff members scalding themselves on the boiling tap inadvertently?

By default, the Billi taps come with an electronic safety lock, which means that the boiling side of the tap cannot be operated by mistake. It requires the user to deliberately touch a padlock icon before boiling can be dispensed. Chilled water is always available and is never locked.

Technical Support FAQs

Why do the red and blue lights flash on the tap?

The indicator lights tell you what’s going on. Flashing red means boiling water hasn’t reached 99°C yet. Flashing blue means water hasn’t chilled to set temperature. Both lights will glow solid when this happens.

How do I enable safety mode for the boiling water on my Billi Quadra?

Push the SELECT button, then arrow down to OPTIONS. Push the SELECT button and set Safety Switch to ON. Touch the indent on the black panel on the back of the tap to allow for a short boiling water flow.

I don’t have boiling water and the dispenser red light is always flashing.
The heating element may have blown or overloaded. Contact our National Service Centre on 020 7456 6789 to arrange a service of your system.

What is a drainage font?

This is a stainless steel drip tray that is inset into a worktop to allow the boiling and chilled tap to be apart from the sink. It has its own connection to the waste and is often chosen for safety reasons. With each font is a riser of 70mm, which lifts the tap high enough to dispense into a tall glass or jug. It is optional, although some clients choose to situate the tap so it can dispense over an existing sink. Click here for a picture of the standard XI font and XL tap.

What is the purpose of the clear condensate hose that comes from the under counter unit?

The Billi system occasionally will flush a small amount of warm water through this hose to keep the system at a steady operating temperature. This is quite normal, as with any boiler, and the volume of water emitted is very low.

What is Initial Cup Delivery?

This is the most accurate measure of a boiling and chilled taps capability. Simply it means that this is the number of cups that a boiling or chilled unit will dispense without any change in temperature. In the Quadra 4100XL, for example, the ICD is 100. If you had the situation of 100 staff members standing in a queue and drawing off their hot drinks, one after the other, after the other, the temperature for number 100 will be the same as number 1. Make sure when checking specifications of Billi or other brands, that you insist on knowing this figure. Whilst the hourly dispense is still important, it can be misleading because it is an average and doesn’t account for peak times within that hour.

What happens after the initial cup delivery?

The tap will stop dispensing for a very short time. Billi have designed their system to ensure water is dispensed only at the correct temperature. As soon as enough water (2 cupfuls by volume) is heated, the unit will restart dispensing.

Installation FAQs

I am installing a new water system and there is no cold flow.

All Billi units are equipped with an internal or external PLV (Pressure Limiting Dual-check Valve). Debris coming through the pipe may have stuck to the PLV filter screen inlet. Check the filter screen is clear. Debris may also have passed through the PLV and blocked the water filter.

I am installing a new water system and there is no boiling water flow.

The red hose may be twisted or kinked inside the benchtop mount. Disconnect the hose from the barb fitting on top of the Billi under counter unit. You should be able to easily blow through the tube. Place your hand under the tap to check for airflow.

I am installing a Quadra under counter water system and the cold is running by itself.

This is normal. The under counter unit will prime the cold tank on installation. Running will stop when the hot water tank fills to the first level.

Installing a Quadra plus water system but the mixer tap spits air and there’s only lukewarm water.

Allow 45 minutes after installation for correct operation of any Quadra Plus unit. This allows the under counter system to fill with and heat sufficient water for proper mixer tap function. Also check the red light on the drinking water filter tap is glowing solid to indicate boiling water is heated.

Why don’t the Quadra boiling and chilled systems require ventilation?
The Quadra range is water-cooled, and therefore does not rely on ventilation grilles to keep cool.

Filtration FAQs

Why do I need a scale filter?

Most of the UK suffers from hard water, and in some areas this can even vary according to which reservoir the water is coming from. Any brand of boiling and chilled unit will very quickly scale up if a limescale filter is not fitted, and a failure attributable to scale is not normally covered by warranty.

Do water filtration systems get blocked? Our boiling water flows well but cool just dribbles out.

Yes. As filters catch contaminants, they become soiled. Billi under counter water systems use mains pressure, so reduced chilled water flow indicates you should change filters.

How often should I replace my under counter water system filter?

We recommend a new filter at least every 6-12 months, depending on usage and water quality.

How do I know when to change the under counter water filter?

The orange light will flash continually when your water filter needs changing.

Do I need to buy special filters for my under counter water system?

Yes, you should always use the correct filter for your water system. They can be purchased from us by calling 020 7456 6789.

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