Premium filtration

Replacement Filters from Billi

Premium filtration

Billi have partnered with global organisation Pentair, to create the most technologically advanced filtration for instant boiling and chilled filtered water systems. The new filters use Fibredyne™ technology, which is fibrous and matted together, increasing the surface area of the carbon. This means there is greater contact time and improved quality of filtration.

 Fibredyne™ technology

Replacement filters

Periodic replacement of filter cartridges is necessary to maintain water quality. Genuine replacement Billi filter cartridges are available online and from your local approved supplier.

Cartridges are also available to suit the needs of different water supply areas. Billi recommend using premium sub micron filtration in bad water quality areas.

Easy change replacement filter

Replacing your filer cartridge is simple. Flashing amber dispenser icons indicate when replacement is due. The swing change filter simply swings forward and slides off.

Fitting the new filter is just as easy, simply slide the filter in and swing it back. The cartridge locks into place.

Filter options and product codes

Specifications Standard Sub Micron Premium
Part number 994001 994002 994003
Suitble for All Billi Systems All Billi Systems All Billi Systems
Micron rating 12 months or 30,000 litres** 12 months or 30,000 litres** 12 months or 6,000 litres**

*depending on the quality of water and amount of use
** as tested by Pentair

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