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Waste Heat Recovery – How It Works

In the early 90’s, the Billi Research and Development Team took waste heat recovery to a new level. Using heat-exchange technology and applying it to a conventional technology water boiler, the Billi team came up with a new and significant, far reaching idea. In consequence, the product they designed became the world’s first under-counter boiling and chilled drinking water system. This instantly provided perfect temperature drinking water, cup after cup after cup.

Furthermore, they harnessed thermodynamic heat-exchange technology to recover waste heat energy. By harvesting the waste heat generated by the chilled water cooling cycle, they reused it to pre heat the water entering the hot water tank. This design provided a massive CO2 energy saving compared to conventional boiling and chilled units. Billi still leads the market for commercial boiling taps today by using this technology.

Heat exchange technology

Why Billi Taps Don’t Mean Boiling Cupboards

One challenge which most manufacturers still face, is under-counter temperatures. The excessive heat build-up under-counter requires ventilation, substantial airspace and in most cases, unsightly ventilation grilles in the cabinets themselves.

How Billi Taps Have Overcome This

Using the same waste heat recovery technology, all Billi Quadra systems are cooled by water and DO NOT require under-counter ventilation.

No grilles, no ducts, no excessively hot cupboards, and especially relevant, no damage to joinery or additional draw on the office air conditioning.

Energy Efficiency

Just imagine how fast you could boil your water if it was already hot. It’s a bit like filling a kettle from your hot tap, then boiling that. But in the case of Billi Taps, our technology does just that, except (unlike a kettle), we provide water that is filtered to give a pure odourless, sediment-free taste. This enables Billi to produce a system that uses far less electricity and apart from the very largest commercial unit, the Quadra will run from a 13 amp power supply.

Then with our Time Clock, Sleep Mode and Eco Mode, you can rest knowing that you are saving every day on your energy bills, but still have instant dispense through the days from your Billi Taps.

We’re absolutely committed to Energy Efficiency. It’s the Billi Advantage.

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