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Space, Energy and Time Efficiency

The Billi SET Advantage

Space – Under counter technology

Space saving unit size
With a focus on space saving, Billi systems are often less than half the size of comparative products. This allow the most economical use of  under counter space..

Automatic boiling water calibration
Because boiling point varies by altitude, Billi systems identify the boiling point during the start up mode and set the temperature accordingly to ensure your boiling water is as close to boiling point as possible. The systems leave the factory preset at the perfect 98.5°C.

Adjustable chilled water temperature
The chilled water temperature can be adjusted between 6°C and 15°C to suit the application.

Energy – Recovery, recycling and saving

A technological breakthrough in energy efficient appliance design, Billi’s unique heat-exchange system uses change-of-state technology allowing a large amount of heat to be absorbed and stored. Typically, this heat, generated during the chilling cycle, is wasted to the atmosphere. Billi recovers this waste heat energy to preheat the boiling water enabling our systems to achieve substantial energy savings.

7 day time switch

Standby mode

No cupboard ventilation

An inbuilt 7 day time switch ensures the system is running only when it is needed, eliminating unnecessary out of hours power consumption.

An energy saving standby mode can be selected to activate after a preset time of non use. The Billi unit will power down to conserve energy.

Water cooled systems do not require cupboard ventilation or a cooling fan.

Time – Highest instant dispense cup rates

Billi offers a wide range of different combinations based on the required number of people it is going to service.

Boiling Delivery          90-250 cups per hour

Chilled Delivery          60-175

Sparkling Delivery     60-120