18 Feb 2019

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Coffee Culture: Are We Addicted to Caffeine or Cafés?

Are We a Nation of Coffee Addicts? To the rest of the world, Brits spend their time sipping on tea with ...

18 Feb 2019

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Specifiers: Why Billi Systems Are Perfect for Your Project

Specifiers: Four Reasons Why Billi Products are the Perfect Match for Your Project If you are an architect or interior designer ...

15 Feb 2019

Category: Educational

What Are Cold-Infusion Teas? Will You Try Them?

Cold-Infusion Teas, Have You Heard of Them? A cup of healthy, herbal tea, any time of the day can be a ...

12 Feb 2019

Category: Educational

Green Tea: Is it As Healthy As We Think?

Green Tea - Can It Be Made Even Healthier? A recent study has suggested that filtered water boosts green tea's antioxidant ...

11 Feb 2019

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Billi Bottling Systems: Making Meeting Room Refreshment Easy

Bottling Systems For When Taps Won't Cut It Proper hydration in the workplace is essential. If you've been following our blog ...