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instant hot water tap

Instant Hot Water Dispensers

Imagine the luxury of having steaming hot water ready at the flick of a switch. This isn’t just a dream but a reality with modern instant hot water machines. These advanced systems…

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filtered water tap

Guide for Sparkling Water Systems

Welcome to the ultimate guide for sparkling water enthusiasts! In the realm of kitchen sophistication and healthful living, the trend of installing a sparkling water tap is gaining popularity. At Billi UK,…

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Sustainability, Office Evolution & Hydration

Best Countertop Water Cooler System for Your Workplace

In the bustling world of office life, the humble water cooler has become more than just a place to quench one’s thirst. It’s the nucleus of workplace chatter, a spot for impromptu…

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filtered water last

Benefits of Filtered Water Over Tap Water

In the UK, regulations ensure the delivery of safe tap water to households (The Water Supply (Water Quality) Regulations 2016). Because of this, many debate the benefits of filtered water over standard…

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Billi Tap - Sparkling system

Why Billi Sparkling Water Systems are the Best

The modern workspace is more than just desks and computers. It represents a commitment to innovation, sustainability, and the well-being of its occupants. With Billi’s sterling reputation in providing premium water systems…

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