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Billi and the environment

Why Choose Billi For Eco-Friendly Water Filter Systems

Eco-friendly water filters give you fresh, great tasting high quality water whilst minimising impact on the planet. Below is information on our unique innovative technology that makes our water filters some of…

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world environment day 2019

World Environment Day: How your office can make a difference

It’s World Environment Day Here’s how offices can increase sustainability and reduce waste… Since the first World Environment Day in 1974, June 5th has been dedicated to spreading awareness and inspiring action…

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fresh bottled water

Do You Know What You’re Drinking: What Else is in Your Bottled Water?

What’s Actually in Your Bottled Water? You might think that buying bottled water ensures safe, clean water, but is that true? As well as water, bottled water can contain harmful contaminants, toxins…

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plastic pollution ocean

Plastic Pollution in the Oceans – What is being done?

What is Being Done to Combat Plastic Pollution in the Ocean? Did you know, about 12.7 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year? That’s a massive amount – in fact,…

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green building objectives

Green Building Objectives: How Can Billi Help?

How Billi Can Help Meet Green Building Objectives Buildings may not be the most obvious contributor to climate change – we’re more likely to think of cars or aeroplanes when considering human…

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