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10 Incredible Facts About Water You Never Knew

As the world’s leading supplier of water systems, we know a thing or two about water. Which is why we thought we’d share some amazing facts about water you never knew. 

So whether water just fascinates you, or you want to know a little more. These facts might just open your eyes to the wonder that is water. 

Water is essential for life on earth.

Despite water being vital for all forms of life on planet earth, it contains no calories or organic nutrients. 

Water covers around 70% of the earth’s surface.

It’s estimated that 68% of the freshwater on earth is trapped in glaciers. 

Your body is between 60% – 70% water.

The amount of water in our bodies changes at different times of your life. A human foetus is around 95% water for the first few months, getting to 77% water at birth. An average adult body contains 42 litres of water. 

Around 6,800 gallons of water is required to grow a day’s food. 

Water is used in everything we eat and consume. It takes around 200 litres of water to produce a coffee bean for one cup of coffee.  And around 100 litres to make two slices of bread. 

Jellyfish are 95% water.

This is the same as a cucumber which also contains 95% water. 

80% of illness in the developing world is water related.

Waterborne diseases such as cholera, typhoid and dysentery still exist in third-world countries. These illnesses are caused by water containing infectious bacteria found in human or animal waste. Dirty water kills a child under 5 every 2 minutes. 

It takes around 70 gallons of water to fill a bath.

However, an average shower of 8 minutes only uses 17.2 gallons of water. 

A leaky tap can waste around 350 gallons of water per year.

 A leaking tap with a rate of ten drips per minute can waste three litres of water per day. 

Water exists on the moon. 

In 2008 NASA discovered water on the moon in the form of ice. In 2012, NASA scientists also discovered evidence of water on Mars. 

Water is the second most common molecule in the universe.

After water, The most common molecule is hydrogen gas.