Here Are the 3 Proper Ways to Brew Tea - Give It a Go!


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Here Are the 3 Proper Ways to Brew Tea – Give It a Go!

Think You Know How to Brew Tea? Think Again.

Everybody likes tea in different ways. Whether you have sugar or sweetener, soya or dairy, there are little things that make your cup just the way you like it. Everybody has their own way of making it, even down to the way it is brewed. From loose-leaf to trusty tea bags, each person has their own way to brew tea. Here are our top 3 ways for brewing a cuppa. Which one will you choose?

Tea Bag

Simple, quick and effective. For those of us who have a bit of a tea habit, this is certainly the quickest way to get your fix. Unfortunately, with teabags, you do compromise convenience for quality. Having a mug of the good stuff in your hands in the morning is all well and good, however, with tea bags the flavour is nowhere near as aromatic and rich as other options such as loose-leaf. This is due to the fact that tea bags contain dust life particles of tea leaves. Loose-leaf tea contains bigger pieces of leaf, and the water has more surface area to infuse with, thus giving a richer flavour.

Pot of Tea

Now, although some people make pots of tea with tea bags, the best way to make them is with loose-leaf tea. In order to make loose-leaf tea in a tea pot, you must have a specific type of teapot. This might seem like a lot of hard work, but it’s all worth it in the end. For loose leaf tea, your teapot needs to have a strainer in the spout. This filters out the leaves as you pour your cup. You’ll be left with a smooth, rich cup of tea if it has been left to brew for a few minutes. Your mug should have a nice rich flavour as a result!

Mug with Infuser

For those of you who are too impatient to make a whole pot of tea, this could be the perfect solution. If you’re not looking to compromise on quality but still want something quick and relatively easy to carry around an infuser mug could be the ideal way to brew tea. As it says on the tin, an infuser mug is simply a mug with an infuser built in. This means you can still have your favourite loose-leaf tea on the go.

As you’ve probably gathered, loose-leaf tea is the highest quality due to the richer flavour. It’s worth investing in either a pot with a strainer or mug with infuser so you can have high-quality tea even if you’re on the go. Tea bags just don’t cut it if you’re a tea fanatic, and once you switch to loose-leaf, it’s unlikely you’ll ever switch back.

For even quicker and easier mugs, invest in a Billi tap for your workplace. Make up the minutes lost steeping your leaves. Instant hot water means even in a rush, you can have a nice hot mug of tea.