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4 Ways Your Morning Coffee Can Do Good

How Your Morning Coffee Can Help the Earth and Others

Drinking coffee every day is a standard action for most people. But have you ever thought past the cup in front of you? Even an action as small as drinking a cup of coffee can affect others. For example, do you choose a local coffee shop, a chain store, or do you make it yourself at work?

Start consuming sensibly. Your actions – even those as small as drinking your morning coffee, can make a difference. Aim to drink fair trade coffee, reduce your use of disposable cups, and only use as much water as you need. These small steps can help both people less fortunate than you, and the environment. Here’s exactly how your morning coffee is doing good…

The Environment – Coffee is the world’s second most tradeable commodity. Second, only to oil, the coffee industry is a multi million dollar industry. Concerns over the coffee industry and its rapid growth and effect on the environment have been high over the past few years. As the demand for coffee continues to grow, and environmental awareness expands, there has been a push for more sustainable methods of coffee farming. Certain coffee brands encourage sustainable farming by training their farmers how to conserve and save water in the milling process. To make a difference, also look out for coffee brands that do not promote deforestation. Brands that make “sun cultivation coffee” have to clear the land and destroy rainforests and ecosystems to grow it. Instead, go for brands that use traditional forms of growing coffee such as “shade grown coffee”.

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Jobs – Owing to the fact the coffee industry is so huge, it’s no surprise it creates so many jobs. Coffee production creates millions of jobs around the world. Specifically in areas of high poverty. Fairtrade coffee is one of the most successful fair trade products available, with most companies producing at least one type of fair trade coffee. People are finally starting to see the value in paying people proper wages. On average, coffee farmers in developing countries receive only 10 per cent of the retail price of the product. By choosing fair trade, you are directly supporting these farmers.

Local Businesses – Starbucks, Costa, Pret. Over the past 10 years, the number of coffee outlets such as these has quadrupled.  These mega corporations hold the monopoly over the coffee industry. However, there are plenty of local coffee shops that could really use your support. Local coffee shops are smaller, and as such can invest more time into researching specific types of coffee. When was the last time you even knew what type of coffee you were drinking at Starbucks? More often than not, local coffee shops will serve fair trade coffee as standard too! Also, by spending your £3 on a coffee locally, you are directly putting money back into your local economy.

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Poverty – By creating so many jobs worldwide, fair trade, supportive coffee companies help reduce poverty. By investing in projects to improve education, public health and water supply in coffee growing regions, communities are strengthened and educated. Many companies train their farmers how to improve efficiency, reduce their costs and improve the quality of their crop.  They then become less affected by price fluctuations. This means they are less susceptible to poverty.

Billi products help save the environment with every cup of coffee. By using less energy to heat the water, and far less energy than a traditional kettle, you can save money, and help protect the environment. Switch to Billi and choose sustainably farmed, well trade coffee, and you are on your way to making a difference.