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A Super Easy Iced Latte Recipe to Keep You Cool in the Heat

Iced Latte Recipe That Uses Cold Water

Need a caffeine buzz without the heat? This is where the blessed iced coffee comes into play. This time, we’ve put a little twist on it too. The iced coffee you know and love just got simple!

Iced coffee is obviously easy to purchase from coffee shops, but not many people actually know how easy it is to make at home, or in the office. We guarantee that if you make up a batch of iced coffee in your workplace, you’ll be the most popular person in there. Beat the heat, and get your caffeine fix by following these easy instructions!

Spending time brewing and cooling coffee just isn’t practical in the workplace, so here’s how to make iced coffee, without hot water. Nice and quick, and tasty too.

iced coffee

Find your favourite instant coffee. The finer the coffee is, the better the end result will be. Put two heaped teaspoons of coffee into a mug if you’re just making it for yourself. If you’re making for more people, put in two teaspoons of coffee for every person.

When you’ve put all the coffee into the jug or glasses, then fill them halfway with cold water. Using the cold water from your Billi tap, stir vigorously. When you’ve stirred for long enough, even though the water is cold, the coffee will eventually dissolve.

After the coffee has dissolved, either add coffee creamer if you’re in the US. Or, if you’re in the UK, add your choice of milk, we recommend oat milk, as it’s dairy free and super creamy. When you’ve added the milk, add some syrup, either caramel or vanilla tastes great.

Finally, when you’ve made your creamy coffee, add the ice. Then enjoy! Chilled ice coffee, that’s super easy to make wherever you are. Perfect for these warm sunny days to keep you cool.