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Are Reusable Water Bottles the Next Fashion Statement?

Are Reusable Water Bottles Becoming a Fashion Statement?

As plastic is shunned by the public, will reusable water bottles become the next fashion statement?

Apparently so, according to the £5.5 billion reusable bottle industry. One that has popped up as a result of the hype surrounding reusable designer water bottles. From silicone styles, to glass or metal ones, trendy reusable drinking vessels show that the user is environmentally conscious, and stylish to boot.

“The idea of reusable bottles being a fashion accessory is a good thing,” says Natalie Fee, founder of City to Sea. Referring to celebrity endorsements of reusable bottles, Natalie said, “If you want people to adopt a new behaviour, if you want to create mass change, it helps to have influential people on board. Within the environmental movement, people have been carrying reusable bottles for years. But, when you get Love Island contestants using them it is huge – it helps to normalise it.”

By creating a situation where viewers have been able to purchase the exact same product as the celebrities on the show, the reusable bottles have become a fashion statement. You can drink from the same bottle as your favourite TV stars. Thus making them a must-have ‘accessory’.

Public Awareness

As well as reusable bottles endorsed by celebrities, there is also a growing public awareness. This is leading to people investing in higher-quality, trendy bottles.

After the release of Blue Planet II, trendy reusable bottle brands such as Chilly’s have seen a monumental increase in sales. From revenues of £2.5m in July last year, to a sharp forecasted rise to £40m in 2019. Speaking of the impact Blue Planet has had one sales, founder of Chilly’s James Butterfield said, “We don’t go into a meeting where Blue Planet isn’t discussed – now, with the public turning against plastics, it has meant that when people look for a solution we are well positioned. The impact on our business has been huge.”

Just over 36% of Britons own a reusable water bottle. And now, brands are now realising that if people are going to use their products every day they need to be both stylish and practical.

That’s why here at Billi, we have created our own reusable glass water bottles. Perfect for the workplace, or running from meeting to meeting! Our bottles are environmentally friendly and can be personalised for your workplace. Plus, it’ll save you some pounds from the expensive designer ones…