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Are Sparkling Water Drinks Healthier Than Soda?

The New Soda Alternative Appealing to Health-Fanatics

It’s long been known that fizzy drinks aren’t good for you. They’re packed full of sugar, and as such are bad for your teeth. The alternative people are moving towards? Sparkling flavoured water. Whereas bottled water is seen as a scourge on the environment, it seems trendy sparkling water is the new favourite. It poses less of an environmental impact and is healthier than soda. But is it really all it’s supposed to be?

One of the primary reasons for kicking soda like cola is to reduce your sugar intake. This is because one can of full-fat Coke contains nearly 11g of sugar. A person of average weight would have to walk for around 30-45 minutes to burn that one can off, which most people won’t do. For people that don’t exercise, have a poor diet, or have a sedentary lifestyle, soda can cause weight gain and even diabetes. Fizzy drinks contain empty calories and if you don’t burn those calories off, you could become obese. Having a soda as a treat will not cause any damage, as with anything, it is fine in moderation. It becomes a problem, however,  when people drink more soda than water and are consuming too much sugar.

It’s very easy to pick up a can of soda and drink it on the go. However, there are now plenty of sparkling water alternatives to choose from. While many sodas often contain upwards of 10g of sugar, many sparkling water drinks contain much less. According to retail analysts, “Forty-eight percent of bottled-water drinkers reported that concerns over sugar had prompted them to switch.”  There are even calorie free versions of sparkling water drinks, which appeal to anybody who is sugar or weight conscious. The appeal of flavoured sparkling water is that it offers something different to still water, but is healthy. Rather than drinking a fruit juice that is packed with sugar, you can have a sugar-free sparkling water that’s still got a fruity flavour.

Sparkling water offers something people cannot simply pour out of their tap at home. The problem with bottled still water is the plastic pollution that comes along with it. Still water can be poured from your tap at home, so there is no need to buy single-use bottles every time. Buy a reusable bottle, and fill it. For most people, sparkling water is not an option at home, which is why they buy it.

With Billi, a large selection of our taps offer sparkling water. Not only do we decrease the need for single-use plastic bottles within the workplace, we also help keep staff hydrated and healthy. Less plastic bottles mean your workplace will have a less damaging effect on the environment. This goes even further, as Billi systems also produce less CO2, and have a smaller carbon footprint than traditional water systems.

Switch to Billi, and keep your employees hydrated with boiling, chilled or sparkling water. Keep things exciting, and encourage them to drink more by providing squash or cordial. This is a great alternative to still or plain sparkling water and tastes so good, they’ll want to keep drinking! The most important reason to keep your workforce hydrated is to keep them healthy and productive. A hydrated workforce can work harder, smarter and more efficiently.