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The Best Milk Substitutes for your Coffee (and Maybe Tea)

Milk Substitutes That Are Perfect for Coffee (and maybe tea!)

Whether you’re trying to cut back on dairy, are going vegan, or are looking for a healthier alternative, there’s plenty of milk substitutes out there. Even if you’re not doing any of those things and you’re a cold, hard dairy lover, you might want to listen up. If there comes a day when you’ve run out of milk, these could be the difference between you having coffee, or not. Pretty important we think.

dairy substitutes for coffee

Dairy Substitutes

If your fridge has let you down and you’re out of dairy, try one of these. Cost-effective and not calorie laden, non-dairy milks are definitely growing in popularity. Our top recommendations based on flavour and what works best in coffee and tea are…

  • Soya milk, which is made from milled soy beans. High in Protein, and has been said to reduce cholesterol!
  • Coconut milk, which gives a super creamy taste – especially in coffee. High in good fats.
  • Oat milk, made from oats and water. High in fibre and lowers cholesterol.
  • Almond milk, one of the lowest calorie non-dairy milk alternatives.
  • Rice milk, made from pressed rice and water. High in carbohydrates.
milk substitutes for coffee

Ice Cream

When you come to make your coffee, what would you usually put in it? That’s right. Milk and sugar. If you’re lacking the first, why not grab some frozen milk and sugar – ice cream. In some parts of the world, this is actually a delicacy. It’s posh name is an affogato, but you can call it ice cream coffee. Taking “iced coffee” to a whole new level.

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Coconut Oil

There are a group of individuals who swear by butter in coffee. Its nickname is Bulletproof coffee. Coconut oil in coffee is along the same lines, but healthier. Unlike butter, which is made up of long chains, coconut butter is made up of medium chains. Medium chain triglycerides do not need to be broken down and instead are transported as energy directly to the blood stream. This means you will get energy quicker from coconut oil than other fats. You can either stir your coconut oil in as it is, or blend it until it is frothy and then add.

We hope these suggestions have shown you there is hope for you and your mug of tea or coffee, even if you are out of milk. You will still get to enjoy a cup, you just have to be imaginative with your milk substitutes. If you’re somebody that likes black tea or coffee however, you can get your drink even quicker. With instant boiling taps from Billi, there’s no waiting around for water to boil. And, even less time trying to find a milk alternative!