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Billi Bottling Systems: Making Meeting Room Refreshment Easy

Bottling Systems For When Taps Won’t Cut It

Proper hydration in the workplace is essential. If you’ve been following our blog for a while, you’ll know it’s something we’re incredibly passionate about here at Billi. Hydrated staff = happy staff. That’s why Billi systems are designed with easy hydration in mind.

By creating systems that provide boiling, chilled and even sparkling water, we have made hydration in the workplace even easier. And, now, we’ve moved our attention to bottling systems. Why? Because, bottles of water are also necessary to facilitate hydration at work.

If you have a meeting, it will often go on for 20-40 minutes minimum. During this time, it’s a necessity to keep staff and visitors hydrated in order to maintain peak productivity and ensure everybody is focused. By supplying Billi glass bottles and instant chilled water, everybody can remain paying attention to the task at hand.

Traditional Water Systems

Filling water bottles under traditional taps is not easy. Often, bottles are too big to place under the tap. This results in either water spraying everywhere, or an awkward manoeuvre to fill the bottle under a tap that is clearly too small. To combat this, we have designed an extra height bar-style system specifically designed for bottle filling.

The Billi Spring 350 Bottling System and The Billi Spring 550+ Bottling System provide you with a solution for dispensing high volumes of chilled or sparkling filtered water. Built to last, these bottling systems are simple to operate and easy to maintain.

Using a single compact under counter unit, the Billi Spring 350 Bottling System has the capacity to produce 60 litres chilled water per hour and the Billi Spring 500+ Bottling System has the capacity to produce 80 litres chilled water per hour. Owing to the high volumes of dispensing, our bottling systems  are the ideal option for corporate hospitality or meeting room refreshments.

So, if you often host meetings in your workplace with external visitors, make sure to make a good first impression and have a water system in place that encourages hydration with ease.