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What Can Billi Do For You?

Billi Can! How We’re Changing the World of Water Dispensing

For 30 years, Billi has been at the forefront of manufacturing and supplying filtered water dispensing systems. With a history of groundbreaking innovation and invaluable experience, Billi continues to offer a cutting-edge product and an unsurpassable customer experience. Learn about our history and what makes us the leaders of our field.

A short history of Billi

Going global

Billi was established in 1989 in Australia. Six years later, Billi began to be represented and distributed in New Zealand, and in 2013, Billi expanded even further. Billi (UK) LLP was launched in Norfolk in the UK and distribution expanded to Hong Kong, Singapore and UAE. In 2016, we opened our distinguished London office and showroom at 15 Dufferin Street.

A company of firsts

From the outset, Billi established themselves as groundbreaking and forward-thinking. Innovation has been in our DNA ever since and we are always developing new technology and design to remain ahead of the game.

Only a year after the company started, in 1990, Billi launched the first boiling and chilled under-counter water system. Our award-winning Quadra tap upped the game in 2007: not only did it recycle otherwise wasted heat energy, making it much more energy-efficient, it was also smaller, neater and took less time to recover. Four years later saw the introduction of eco-intelligent and splash-free technology, as well as our Thermstore insulated tank system.

In 2014, Billi was officially recognised amongst the world’s best environmental products, receiving a Gold Global Greentag certification. For boiling and chilled water units, this was a world first.

Trendsetting style

In 2012 we added some style, introducing our designer tap, which featured lever, touch and remote control dispensers. Next, in 2015, we introduced a gorgeous range of colours and finishes, ensuring that our taps were not just first-class performers, but looked beautiful and seamless in any environment.

Visionary & value-led

At Billi, we have a proud history of invention, innovation and recognition. But we refuse to be complacent, always looking forward and continuing to develop groundbreaking technologies that bring our values to life.

We strive to be nothing less than the global market leader in filtered water dispensing systems. Through cutting-edge products and unbeatable delivery and service, we aspire to make businesses and wider society better. Our core values of respect and teamwork, excellence, innovation and world-class customer service combine to uphold our track record as innovators, responding to customer needs to deliver on promises, exceed customer expectations and become the best in the market.

SETting Billi apart: the SET advantage

Since their conception, Billi taps have been met with enthusiasm by architects and specifiers. Pioneering technology, along with a streamlined, functional design and irresistible aesthetic has made them the natural choice for commercial kitchen spaces.

Part of what gives Billi water systems the edge is their SET advantage. Standing for space, energy and time, this encapsulates the unique benefits that give Billi chilled and boiling water systems the edge over their competitors.


One of the most valuable commodities in office buildings and best friend to designers: space means greater functionality and improved aesthetics. Using it effectively and efficiently is key to creating an attractive and ergonomic kitchen area.

Billi’s under-counter technology has incredible space-saving benefits. Up to half the size of competitor units, our systems are designed specially to be tucked away into surprisingly small spaces. What’s more, our cooling systems don’t require fans or cupboard ventilation, meaning our units are neat and self-contained. Not only is this essential when space is very tight, but it also helps create beautiful, streamlined spaces even when it’s not.


As science continues to reveal the extent of human damage to the environment, our need to embrace sustainability and energy efficiency grows ever-more urgent. Environmental impact is a primary influence upon Billi’s innovation and we are determined to create technology that treads as lightly on our planet as possible.

Billi water systems have always led the way in energy-efficiency. Our thermodynamic heat-exchange technology harnesses the waste heat energy produced during water cooling and recycles it to preheat boiling water. Due to this head start in heating, our water systems require less electricity to boil water, meaning significant energy savings.

As well as recycling otherwise wasted energy, Billi units feature inbuilt mechanisms designed to conserve energy. A 7-day time switch and standby mode mean the system will only be on and drawing energy when needed. Such energy efficiency represents a desirable advantage for eco-conscious – not to mention financially-savvy – customers.


The pivotal element in the success of any business is time. Freeing up wasted time and channelling it into productive activity is instrumental in fulfilling company potential – and taking employees from frustrated to flourishing.

When it comes to drinks, time waiting is time wasted. The advantage of Billi systems is that waiting for chilled or boiling water becomes a thing of the past. Efficient technology means our taps have impressive dispense rates: 90-250 cups of boiling water per hour, 60-175 of chilled and 60-120 of sparkling. No more waiting for the kettle to boil and no more queues in the kitchen: instead, people can get their favourite drink instantly and get on with their day, refreshed and rehydrated.

Any way you want it

The advantages of a Billi tap don’t end at their superior performance and functionality. We are also the favourite of architects and designers because of our extensive range and resulting versatility. No matter what the space is or how many users it serves, Billi will have a tap that fits perfectly.

Our choice of models suit a range of different capacities, and our taps are available in a variety of stylish colours and finishes. Billi’s expert advisors are there to help you make the right choice for you: we listen to customer requirements, aligning our goals with theirs and advising on the best unit to make them happen.

The Billi experience

At Billi, we don’t just want to offer you an unbeatable choice of top-quality products, but a first-class experience to go with them. We provide outstanding customer service, ensuring that our customers receive the best experience possible, from consultation and installation, right the way through to aftercare.

Our case studies and customer feedback speak volumes – you can read them here. And remember, our sales team are always there to answer any queries and to help you begin your very own Billi experience.