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Billi Case Studies: Saffery

Why Saffery Chose Billi UK

Moving offices means you have the opportunity to make changes to your workplace. Fresh ideas and initiatives can be put in place. When moving into new premises in the City of London, this is exactly what Saffery Champness decided to do. Switching to a Billi system meant more space throughout the offices, and provided a solution to the space-consuming kettles and cold water dispensers they had previously.

Introduced to Billi after speaking to their appointed interior designer, Edge GB, the facilities manager and facilities assistant manager decided Billi systems were the perfect fit for their new space. They required both boiling and chilled water systems. With four tea points across the new office, standard water systems were too space consuming. Switching to Billi systems meant more space, and less time waiting for the kettle to boil. Saving time is important when there are so many people in the space.


Billi systems provided a smart alternative for Saffery. The products they chose from the Billi range are efficient and sophisticated. Not only are our taps easy to use and safe, they also match the contemporary office design consistent throughout the Saffery space. Time efficiency, space efficiency and the general look and aesthetic of the products were the client’s main requirements. As such, the solution we provided from the Billi range was the Quadra Plus 15. This is extremely energy and space efficient as it combines filtered drinking water with a hot water dispenser, all from one under counter system. The space-saving nature of this system and its sleek design met all of the requirements put forward by Saffery.

No matter which product you choose from the Billi line, all of them are time-saving by design. By providing instant hot and cold water, the time spent waiting for the kettle to boil, or water to chill no longer exists. Instant water means instant hydration. This, in turn, means more motivated staff, and keeps productivity at a high in the workplace.

When speaking about Billi’s work with Saffery, Dean Donnelly, Facilities Assistant Manager said: “We felt fully supported throughout the project. Billi understood the challenges and problems we were facing and exceeded our expectations at each touchpoint. My experience with Billi has been very positive, the installation was very smooth and all of my queries were answered promptly.”

If your office is looking to install a Billi system, get in touch. We can help your business transition into a more sustainable one with an energy efficient Billi water system. Look at our compact range of products here.