You've Chosen Billi for Your Workplace. What Next?


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You’ve Chosen Billi for Your Workplace. What Next?

Billi in You Workplace Could Not Be Easier

If the specifiers for your project have recommended Billi products then you’ll be glad to hear that installing them into your workplace could not be easier. With step-by-step guidance, exact installation requirements and first-class support throughout, the Billi installation process is simple and smooth. Read on for a guide to what you can expect when you choose Billi.

Benefits of Billi

For commercial spaces in need of breakout and refreshment areas, Billi products are the perfect choice. Offering an extensive variety of boiling, chilled, ambient or sparkling units, we’re bound to have one that will suit your space and requirements down to the ground.

As a Billi owner-to-be, you have a multitude of benefits to look forward to. Many businesses are drawn to Billi products because of our SET advantage – a combination of assets you can expect from a Billi system. These are as follows:

Space – When designing an office kitchen or breakout area, space is a valuable commodity – literally: office spacing in the UK costs up to a staggering £120 per square foot. Billi can help. Our units feature innovative under-counter technology and are around half the size of our competitor’s. A smaller system means more precious space for those other, much-needed kitchen facilities.

Energy – Our heat exchange technology means a more efficient, sustainable workplace. Billi systems harness the waste heat energy produced by cooling water and use it to preheat water for boiling. This means our units require less energy, which will not only help to save the planet, but will also save you money.

Time – Every business knows the old adage ‘time is money’. Fortunately for your business, through cutting-edge technology, Billi products can actually win you back time. Say goodbye to waiting for the kettle to boil! The efficiency of our systems means they take significantly less time to boil or cool water. With speedy hot and cold water at their disposal, employees can return to the task at hand much quicker – and of course, wonderfully refreshed.

Decisions, Decisions

Once you’ve chosen Billi for your commercial space, the first step is deciding which style of tap you would like. We have a wide range of units to choose from: whether you go for boiling, chilled, ambient or sparkling –  or a specific model or finish – the choice is yours.

There’s no need to panic about making the wrong decision either. At Billi, we offer you all the resources you will need  to inform your decision-making process. This includes photos and case-studies from other businesses who have chosen Billi. When it comes to visualising how our units will look, there’s nothing like seeing examples of them installed in real workplaces.

And of course, we’re always willing to offer you our expert advice. We can discuss your exact requirements – from the size of the workplace to the number of employees your space needs to service. By understanding these specifics, as well as the priorities of your workplace, we can make tailored recommendations that suit your vision perfectly. You can rest assured that our knowledge is backed by over 25 years of experience, and, with provided testimonies from previous customers, you don’t just have to take our word for it. All this means you can be 100% confident about the tap you end up choosing.

Easy Installation

You’ve decided on the perfect tap for your space; now you can start making it a reality. The key to a smooth, easy installation is in the planning: with knowledge of exactly what your Billi tap requires, your workplace can be sufficiently prepared, making it quicker and easier for contractors to get it up and running.

Once you’ve decided on the style of Billi tap you want, we can provide you with our exact installation requirements. These will differ depending on the model you have chosen and will let you know exactly what needs to be in place to ensure an installation that’s as easy and effortless as possible. All of our installation requirements are provided to you in simple, downloadable guidance documents.

These will outline the following installation requirements for your chosen model:

  • Specific cabinet dimensions – to make sure the unit fits snugly into its designated space. For our boiling and chilled water systems, you will only need a standard 500mm cabinet space. Boiling, chilled and sparkling units that include the C02 canister will require 600mm cabinet space.
  • Power – how many sockets are required and whether they need to be 13amp or 20amp varies depending on the model. Our units are supplied with a flex cord between 0.9 and 1.5 metres and a plug.
  • Waste – outlines what is needed to ensure the unit is hooked up to allow for safe waste disposal.
  • Water & water pressure – lets you know the requirements for the size of stop-tap and minimum dynamic water pressure.


At Billi, we can offer you unbeatable support throughout the installation process. A big part of this is being with you every step of the way. By assessing your needs and goals, we can assist you in choosing the optimum product for your workplace. Once your decision is made, we will provide you with clear and concise documents outlining exactly what is required for a quick and easy installation.

Alongside the support prior to installation, we will also guide you through the practical aspects of the install as it happens. Not only this, but our support does not end upon installation. Once your unit is in place, our maintenance team will provide you with ongoing support in the unlikely event that any problems should arise.

At every stage of the installation process you have the reassurance of top-quality guidance and support. So all that’s left for you to do is sit back, relax and look forward to the many benefits Billi products have to offer.