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Billi New Starters – Meet Carl Foss, Commercial Project Consultant

Working For Billi UK – Meet Our New Starters

Part One.

Billi is ever expanding and innovating, and as such, we like to employ those who are the best at what they do. Recently, we’ve had three new starters join our UK team who will be filling a variety of positions. We invite you to get to know these new starters and learn more about what they can bring to the table in terms of skills, personality and experience.

Carl Foss, Commercial Project Consultant

First up is Carl Foss. Carl joined our sales team last week and will be working on our commercial projects. Having worked in sales since leaving school, Carl knows a thing or two about selling. He’s a firm believer in the Billi products and is looking forward to being part of the sales team.

Before Billi, Carl worked in the sales industry for automatic doors for almost three decades. His passion is sales within the construction industry, and he believes there is plenty of synergy between his old client list, and the clients Billi have. Applying experience from his previous positions, Carl believes he can sell the innovative Billi products, as it’s a similar environment to his previous industry. Speaking of his new appointment at Billi, Carl said: “what an opportunity, what a product”. Though the projects are different and the sequence is different, Carl believes the end result will be the same. That end result? Happy, satisfied customers, that are thrilled with their Billi product and fully understand the specifications, support and maintenance that come with it.

What Can He Bring To the Table?

Having always worked in sales, Carl has a firm understanding of what makes a good salesman. However, there is always something that sets them apart that you can’t quite put your finger on. The obvious skills he states that go into making a good salesman are patience, understanding, enthusiasm, listening, and smiling.  These are all personal qualities that Carl believes he can bring to the Billi sales team. As well as these qualities, Carl believes his best quality is the ability get on with people. As a salesman, it’s essential that you are liked, trusted and understanding. Understanding of what your clients are looking for, and then being able to provide them with a solution or product. This understanding is why Carl has never lost a customer. We are excited for him to bring his strengths to the Billi team.

Working for Billi seems to be the perfect fit for Carl. He’s only been with us three days, but already he says Billi is answering all the questions he’s had for years. Something that has been lacking in his previous employment he states has been the lack of backup for the sales team. At Billi, the products are outstanding, the support and maintenance are fantastic and the customer service is top notch. From simply reading client feedback, Carl knows that the Billi experience will be tough for competitors to compete with. We have the “right price, for the right product, with the right backup and support”. Everything at Billi is dealt with quickly, and efficiently. That’s not to say there won’t be hiccups, but the way we handle things here at Billi is what sets us apart.

His Role

Day to day, Carl is going to be working more on the commercial side of selling. He will be working with the main contractors, tier 2 contractors and end users. Less on the specification side than he is used to, but he is excited to broaden his skills even further. When talking about the Billi products, Carl says from a sales perspective, it’s perfect. The range is compact, but there are still plenty of options. The core products remain the same, but the possibilities for colourways provide more scope. Everything you could need from a tap is available to customers in a few core items, in a competitive, compact range.

The products Carl will be selling are innovative, design and environmentally led water systems. Carl believes the product answers client’s questions about how to transition into a more sustainable business. Saving energy is something everybody wants to do – whether for financial or eco-friendly reasons, and Billi provides a product that does just that. In the next 5-10 years, Carl and the rest of the Billi team believe that innovative products like Billi taps will be a pre-requisite in all new builds and designs. There is now an environmental awareness that employers are plugged into making them want to change and make conscious decisions regarding energy and water usage.

We can’t wait for Carl to really start what he loves here at Billi and sell our great products. We’re proud to have him as part of the team! Hope you’ve enjoyed learning a little more about just one of our new starters, let us know in the comments!