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Billi taps into its Net Promoter Score surveys to support Talking2Minds

We are proud to have raised a magnificent £500 for Talking2Minds. Achieving this through donating £1 for every Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey completed by our customers.

Talking2Minds is a charity dedicated to helping people pick up the pieces and move forward with their lives. Their mission is helping those with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and other severe stress related conditions. Founded by Rob Paxman (former 22 SAS) in 2008, the Talking2Minds’ ethos was ‘Veterans helping Veterans’. That ethos remains the same today and the charity continues to help veterans of war. However, with many people across all sectors of society suffering with these conditions, the charity has expanded and now works with people from all walks of life.

The unique Talking2Minds Paradigm Change Programme™ is central to the way in which the charity assists people in changing their lives when they are affected by a severe stress related condition. The Paradigm Therapy™ is used to allow people to alter the way they think and behave, allowing them to make the necessary changes to regain control of their lives and manage their futures more effectively. It’s a unique approach and works directly with the cognitive function of the autobiographical memories within the spectrum of severe stress related conditions. Since launching, they have transformed the lives of nearly 900 sufferers and as many family members. With the charity offering places on the programme free of charge.

Craig Aldous, Billi’s Corporate and Vending Team Manager has experienced the charities great work first hand.

In 2012, Craig suffered PTSD as a result of losing his best friend to suicide, this resulted in him having a mental breakdown. PTSD is a type of anxiety disorder which can develop after witnessing a traumatic event or accident. The symptoms, to list a few are; flashbacks, nightmares, panic attacks, lack of concentration and withdrawal from family and friends. He suffered for 18 months, was unable to work or live a ‘normal’ life with everyday being a struggle to get out of bed, suffering from physical and mental exhaustion.

Then, one day the breakthrough came, Craig was listening to the Radio and heard an interview with Rob Paxman. Rob was describing the mental effects and symptoms that soldiers suffer when witnessing conflict. He added that these symptoms were not restricted to soldiers but were occurring in everyday society. He talked in detail about the method he uses to treat sufferers, with the key element for Craig being that it was a ‘non medical’ treatment. Suddenly there was a glimmer of hope, Craig made contact immediately and within 24 hours was in Manchester on a 4 day Paradigm Training Course, assigned to a professional coach.

In total, Craig attended two four day sessions and with the help and guidance of the coaches was able to rebuild his life. Seven years on, Craig is married, has his own home and a job he really enjoys. Life is good and he will be eternally grateful for all the help he received from Talking2Minds.

The charity survives wholly on the commitment of volunteers, the money they raise and donations they receive. The money goes towards running courses or training people to become Paradigm Practitioners. Billi’s donation allows them to run a full weeks training programme, which will hopefully go a long way to helping improve people’s lives.

We want to thank all of our customers who completed our NPS surveys and helped contribute to raising the final total.

The surveys help provide us with invaluable feedback regarding our service. The Billi pledge is that every customer should receive the ‘Billi Experience’. This means that they come away from their interaction with us feeling happy, satisfied and loyal to our brand.

A Net Promoter Score is a number between -100 and 100 with higher numbers suggesting that a business is thriving, has happy customers, and is able to keep them loyal with good service. Although research suggests it is very difficult to gain a score of over 60. Billi currently has a fantastic NPS score of 70 and we want to achieve even higher scores in the future.

The photo shows Sharon Dowell, Course Coordinator and Trainer for Talking2Minds being presented with the cheque by Billi’s Daniel Goodenough on 26th June 2019.

For more information about the charity click here.