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Billi – The Wellness Water Partner

A unique work, wellbeing and office tech exhibition, Work 2.0 is an opportunity for business leaders to meet, attend exhibitions and attend a world-class conference. The event hosts two parallel events, the “wellness at work” conference and the “future of work” conference. A plethora of topics will be discussed in these innovative and forward-thinking conferences, including topics such as mental and physical health in the workplace and office design.

The expo, which takes place on the 25th and 26th May 2017 at the Business Design Centre, London, gathers over 100 speakers from throughout Europe and will host some of the most exciting innovations in office space and design, communication and collaboration technology, and next generation ways of working.

Companies of tomorrow…

With technology evolving and giving rise to a global, connected workforce, company cultures are ever-growing to comprise of a wide spectrum of attitudes from multiple generations, backgrounds and skill sets. Innovative companies have more potential than ever before, and business owners understand the crucial importance employee wellness plays within the company of tomorrow. Work 2.0 is an opportunity for business leaders to discuss the workplace of the future and all this entails while re-evaluating how they understand and invest in their current assets in terms or their technology, space and people.

The Future of Work - Billi UK as a Wellness Water Partner

As an official Wellness partner for Work 2.0, Billi UK are strong advocates for health and wellbeing in the work environment. Billi’s values as a brand of; sustainability, practical design and wellbeing, align with the values of the Work 2.0 conference and expo which encourages “productivity, collaboration, mobility, flexibility, motivation, creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship”.

Touching on the topics of both “wellness at work”, owing to the direct impact hydration has on mental and physical health, and the “future of work” owing to the sustainable and environmentally friendly nature of Billi products, Billi UK products can help to contribute to a better workplace. Billi taps encourage wellbeing and the notion of health and fitness in the workplace. Water consumption and hydration is key to healthy brain function, and fitting Billi taps in your office or workspace can ensure regular consumption of water that is available at the touch of a button.

The Future of Work - Billi UK as a Wellness Water Partner


Tap into new technology

As a brand, Billi aim to enlighten on both the environmental and eco-friendly aspects of Billi products within commercial spaces, but also the health benefits too. Our marketing manager, Simona Matuskova will be presenting a free seminar on both the 25th and 26th outlining the beneficial health properties of water, educating on Billi’s innovative one of a kind heat-exchange technology, and discussing the different branding options and finishes offered by Billi.

Heat Exchange Technology

Find out more about how Billi taps could increase productivity and health in your workplace by coming to see us at stand #7 in the Business Design Centre for the duration of the Work 2.0 expo. Owing to our role as an official Wellness Partner, we can also offer our clients an exclusive

Owing to our role as an official Wellness Partner, we can also offer our clients an exclusive 15% discount off registration fees for Work 2.0. Please use the code: CLCK to claim your discount. We hope to see you there.

We hope to see you there.