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Why Billi Water Systems Are The Best for Office Kitchens

Here’s Why You Should Use Billi Systems

If you’re thinking about installing Billi taps in your workplace, you’re about to make a great decision! With sleek designs that come in a variety of colours and finishes, easy access to refreshment and simple to use faucets, Billi products are designed with the end-user in mind.

Kitchen Design

When you come to planning out your office kitchen, design and functionality should be at the forefront of everything you do. Paying close attention to design means that your kitchen will keep a modern look in keeping with the rest of your workplace, and functionality ensures all products work at optimum output, meaning easy hydration for your entire workforce.

Billi products are innovative in their design. As well as offering boiling, chilled and sparkling water, our water systems are far smaller than our competitors. The under-counter system means you don’t have to compromise on functionality, and can design your office kitchen space without having to think of where to store bulky cooling vents or water systems.

The size of our systems is just one aspect of the Billi SET advantage. The SET advantage is our commitment to saving space, energy and time. With economical use of space in your office kitchen, you have more space for important things, like eating, collaborating and sharing ideas over food.

The SET Advantage

As well as saving on space, which is vital for any workplace. Billi systems also offer the advantage of saving on energy and time.

Owing to our innovative heat exchange technology, our systems are able to harvest waste heat energy that is created as a result of cooling water and use it to heat the water ready for you to make tea and coffee instantly. This means far less energy is used in the long term, and means you can make your hot drinks even faster, rather than waiting for the water to heat from chilled.

Time is the final advantage of the Billi SET advantage. Something we all know is limited in the workplace.

The phrase time is money rings true, especially in the office, and busy employees do not want to be waiting for the tap to run cold (wasting precious water in the process), or for the kettle to boil. Furthermore, our systems can also produce an impressive 90-250 cups of boiling water per hour. Meaning your whole workforce can remain hydrated with no interruptions.


Having installed Billi systems in some of the most sustainable commercial spaces in the world, such as the Bloomberg building, we know our products can be tailored to a variety of needs. Whether your office consists of 5, or 500 employees, one of our systems will work for you. Take a look at our huge range of case studies and lifestyle images to identify which design best suits your plans. We offer a great range of finishes and designs – covering the needs of those who require boiling, chilled, and even sparkling water on demand. 

Billi lets you enjoy pure, clean drinking water in commercial application without costly environmental impact. Moreover, our technology allows you an environmentally responsible choice. We don’t compromise when it comes to filtered boiling and chilled drinking water, and now you don’t have too.

If sustainability is your primary reason for choosing Billi, our free ‘Green Calculator‘ may help you. Simply use the interactive calculator to show how you can make savings by switching to a Billi system.

Learn how your business could reduce its carbon footprint and take a step towards a more green future. 


When it comes to designing your office kitchen, Billi is the simple choice. Traditional water systems such as water coolers or kettles are often bulky and do not maximise on space. Furthermore, they use far more energy than Billi systems to heat or chill water. If your business is looking to transition to a more more sustainable, functional workplace, then please get in touch with a member of our sales team.

Logically, for any space in your workplace – be it kitchen or office, you want systems and products in place that help you save time, money and space. Say your workplace consisted of 20-40 employees and you wanted to provide boiling and chilled water for them all, Billi systems would use under half as much energy, and for a fraction of the cost.

Billi v Kettle

Billi Kettle
Power Usage W/Hr 898 3500
CO2 Emissions KG 0.74 2.87
Cost per day £ 0.11 0.42

If you’re in charge of designing an office kitchen space – whether you’re an architect or designer, Billi systems are the perfect choice for your office space. By optimising on space, energy and time – our products are steps ahead of the competition. If you’re thinking about making the switch, download the latest Billi brochure to choose the right water on demand and boiling tap products for your professional business and breakout areas.