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Analysis of Boiling and Chilled Water Systems

Boiling and Chilled Water Systems: Taking a Closer Look

If you’re considering installing a boiling or chilled water system in your workplace, you may want some further information. You’re obviously considering switching to a Billi system for a reason. Perhaps it’s the financial benefits, or the eco-benefits? If your business is transitioning towards a more sustainable one, or you’re looking to save money, switching systems could be a great idea for you and your business.

Our boiling and chilled system is the Quadra unit. Leading the Billi commercial range, the Quadra boiling and chilled range offers unrivalled performance and efficiency. We also offer units that provide sparkling water too, however, for the purposes of this post we’re going to focus on the system that is most often chosen.

The Quadra

Coming in a variety of finishes, the Quadra unit provides boiling and chilled water at the touch of a button. It may be our leader in space, energy and time efficiency, but the Quadra comes in as our smallest under-counter unit. Though small, the system can produce an impressive dispense rate per hour.

Our Quadra system combines the two elements of boiling and chilled water. Though able to produce both temperatures of water – it does not come at a heavy cost to the environment. Our Billi systems harvest and reuse energy to help your business create a smaller environmental footprint.

Space Efficiency

We know how important space is in city centre offices. that’s why our systems are designed to be under-counter. Billi are focused heavily on space savings, which gives us a significant benefit compared to other boiling and chilled systems on the market.

In order to install a Billi Quadra system in your workplace, you need the following cabinet space available.

Width: Minimum: 500mm

Height: Minimum: 500mm

Energy Efficiency

Our heat-exchange technology lets us harvest waste heat energy that is created from cooling water, and use it to pre-heat our boiling water. This helps us make a substantial energy saving. When compared to other boiling taps on the market, the carbon footprint is minimal when it comes to Billi systems.

Innovative design combined with effective water and energy saving initiatives help meet UK Green Building Council objectives. This, alongside our 7 day, 24 hour time switch is designed to conserve power. Or, alternatively, the system can be put into Standby mode by powering down after a period of non use.

Time Efficiency

Billi’s unique heat-exchange technology works by pre-heating water before it is bought to ‘boiling’ temperature. This slashes wait time for boiling water, and allows for peak periods of high demand in the office kitchen environment. Billi regards instant dispense as the most important measure of a boiling and chilled systems capacity. With our technology, Billi systems are able to continually perform and provide both boiling and chilled water faster than any competitor on the market currently.