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Britain’s Plastic Bottle Problem

The UK Has a Plastic Bottle Problem

Our problem with plastic bottle consumption is not a new phenomenon, nor is it a problem that will simply go away. Since the release of Blue Planet II, David Attenborough has rightly brought this issue back into the forefront of the public eye. During the show, he has encouraged us all to think more carefully about our plastic consumption and its impact. 

Annual consumption of plastic bottles is set to top half a trillion by 2021. This far outstrips recycling efforts and jeopardises our oceans and coastlines. In 2016, fewer than half of the bottles bought were collected for recycling. Just 7% of those collected were turned into new bottles. Instead, most plastic bottles produced ended up in landfill or in the ocean.

Clearly, it is not enough to simply recycle our plastic bottles. More must be done to cut our consumption of plastic bottles altogether. New figures suggest that our modern demands, equivalent to about 20,000 bottles being bought every second worldwide, are driven by our “on the go” culture. 

On the Go Culture

True, we’re all guilty of leading busy lives, and during these hot months of the British summer, nothing is easier than picking up a chilled bottle of water on our way to work, rest, or play. But it’s time to rethink this habit and reduce our single-use plastic footprint. Our “on the go” culture does not have to come at the price of damaging our environment. It’s time to ditch the plastic!

Here at Billi, we provide the ultimate drinking water solution that aims at reducing our overall plastic consumption. Our taps can help to create a more sustainable future for us and our oceans. 

As a business with a strong focus on the environment, we are passionate about tackling the problems caused by plastic bottles. By refilling our reusable glass water bottles, rather than buying plastic ones, we can all help turn this harmful tide of plastic waste. Instant cold water means no need for bottled water. Ultimately, this means you can stay hydrated with less of an effect on the environment.

Billi’s Pledge

Following the announcement of a new national scheme by the water industry in January 2018, people will be able to refill water bottles for free at refill stations around the UK. Here at Billi, we are proud to have connections the first business to join this scheme, Whitbread Plc. Whitbread are the owners of Costa Coffee, whose offices we have just installed Billi water systems in. Costa saw the financial and environmental benefits of Billi, so why not take their word for it! Let Billi help your business in achieving its environmental and sustainable goals.

Our taps, designed with the user in mind, offer fast delivery with the ability to produce 60-175 cups of chilled water per hour. That means there’s no more waiting around for your staff. They can help get your workforce on the go quicker so that they can get back to being productive and motivated this summer.