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Can Plants Drink Filtered Water?

Many modern offices now contain an array of plants, but the question is, can plants drink the same filtered water that we can? 

Plants are an ideal feature to have in an office as help to oxygenate the air. The more plants in the office, the more productive we feel as the air is cleaner, and we can also feel calmer. 

Just like us, plants rely on water for life. However, if you’re struggling to keep your office plants alive, it could all be down to the water quality. 

Plants are a complex bunch, and while we may think we can just give them any old tap water, they too enjoy high-quality water. 

You may have noticed this yourself. No matter how much water you give your plant, they can still look unhappy. 

So what’s best for our green friends, tap or filtered water? – Let us explain. 

The Trouble with Tap 

While we may reach for tap water to quench the thirst of our plants, tap water can be bad for them. 

As tap water contains a number of chemicals to make it safe for us to drink, these chemicals don’t sit well with plants. 

Tap water can contain fluoride, chlorine, and salt. 

One chemical that plants dislike in tap water is fluoride. The fluoride in tap water does not often agree with plants. The same also goes for the salts that can be in tap water. These salts help to soften water for us to drink but are not good for plants. 

You can recognise this build-up of chemicals in your plants as a white film crust forms on the soil. This is a clear indication that your plant has too much sodium. 

Different plants are also more sensitive to water types than others — for example, palms, peace lilies, spider plants and dracaenas.

Getting to know your plant and its desired soil pH can help you to know which type of water is best. 

Favouring Filtered Water 

As filtered water removes the chemicals that plants dislike, it is perfect for them. 

Many people go to such lengths as to give their plant’s bottled water. However, if you have a Billi tap in your office, you can give them a glass of still water from the tap. 

Filtered water does not contain the harmful chemicals that can often be found in tap water. This means your plants are more likely to thrive with the same high-quality water that you drink. 

Though tap water is often considered filtered, it still contains chemicals in order to make it safe for human consumption. Even checking bottled water before giving it to plants is recommended. 

You should also ensure the water is just the right temperature, as plants also enjoy the water at around room temperature. 

Twenty degrees is the ideal temperature for plants to fully benefit from the water. The roots love this temperature and will absorb more, providing more nourishment to the plant. 

There are many benefits of having lush green plants in your office. They not only create a comfortable atmosphere, but they can improve wellbeing and productivity. 

The next time you’re in charge of watering the office plants, don’t forget to choose filtered water.