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Can’t Quit Coffee? Here’s Some Hot Drink Alternatives to Help You Cut Down

Quit Coffee by Switching to These Hot Drinks Instead

Speak to a handful of people about their New Years resolutions and we bet you’ll hear this one from nearly half of them. “I want to cut down on coffee” or, “I need to drink less caffeine”. Unfortunately, as much as we love drinking coffee, too much of it can be bad for us. The wonder drink can pick us up when we’re tired, and it tastes great on a cool morning, but it can lead to headaches if drunk too often. Like anything, coffee is good in moderation, but if you find yourself addicted, here are some great alternatives to help you quit coffee.

Peppermint Tea

If you drink coffee for the energy, peppermint tea can be a great alternative. Its minty flavour is invigorating and will give you a kick in your early morning cup. Traditionally, peppermint tea is also great for digestion so can help get your body ready for a long day at work. Minimising bloating and helping get rid of stomach gas, peppermint tea is a great coffee alternative that is very good for you.

Chamomile Tea

Unlike the jittery feeling, you may get after coffee, chamomile tea will give you the exact opposite. Soothing, calming and caffeine free, it helps people de-stress and unwind. Though maybe not ideal for early risers, this coffee alternative is great for when you’re home and looking to relax. Chamomile is well known for helping to improve sleep, which you may need if you’ve been a coffee addict for a long time!


This caffeine-free herbal coffee is a blend of nuts, grains, fruits and herbs that are roasted and ground to taste just like coffee. Perfect for those who love the coffee flavour, but don’t want the caffeine! Teecino is also packed full of a probiotic called Inulin. Inulin is known for helping digestion and is also known for aiding better sleep. Something that tastes like coffee but doesn’t keep you awake at night? We’re in!

Ginger Tea

Ginger is invigorating and very good for you. A hot cup of ginger tea in the morning is the next best thing to coffee. Not only is ginger excellent for digestion and stomach health, it can also minimise the effects of sickness and nausea. If you’re pregnant and needing to cut down on caffeine, this could be the perfect coffee alternative for you. The ginger has enough kick to keep you alert, but no caffeine making you anxious.

Of course, there is always decaffeinated coffee if you really are a die-hard coffee fan! However, we recommend you try some of these and see if you like them. They could help you quit coffee altogether! Why not encourage everybody in your office to try them this month? All of them are easy to brew with your Billi tap. Let us know what you think of these coffee alternatives in the comments.