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water shortage uk

England’s Water Shortage Will Hit By 2040

England’s water shortage: How to reduce your water usage England is in the midst of what could be described as a clean water crisis. Over the coming decades, the UK is set…

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Bioplastic: What Is It & Should We Care

Are Bioplastics the Solution to the Plastic Waste Crisis The plastic crisis is seemingly showing no sign of slowing; regardless of initiatives to help. In western countries, the awareness surrounding the plastic…

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Ensure Peak Productivity in Your Meeting Rooms

How to Guarantee Peak Productivity in Meetings What makes the perfect meeting? Energy, effective collaboration and efficient decision making will all play a part. But what takes a meeting from average to…

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plastic free day

Plastic Free Tuesday: A Growing Movement

Can You Go Plastic Free One Day a Week? Plastic is everywhere. Take a look at the lunches you buy, day in, day out. Your sandwich will be wrapped in plastic, your…

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plastic-free christmas

A Plastic-Free Christmas in the Workplace

Make Your Office Plastic-Free This Christmas Cutting down on plastic is hard. Especially when everything seems to be wrapped in the stuff. With the festive period underway, and Christmas fast approaching, plastic…

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