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5 micron & sub-micron - Pentair filters

When to Replace Water Filters

We all know that staying hydrated is so important for our health & well-being, and the quality & taste of the water you drink can make all the difference as to how…

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Filter Replacement - Billi Quadra

How to Remove Chlorine From Tap Water

In the UK, chlorine levels in drinking water are generally safe. However, if you’re concerned about other contaminants or if you just want to improve the taste of your drinking water, you…

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Billi Quadra 460 in Matte Black

How To Choose A Chilled Water Tap

Instant chilled water on tap is a fantastic thing to have in your home or office. Even better if it’s filtered water that has all the nasties removed and tastes great. However,…

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On Demand Chilled Filtered Tap

How To Choose A Sparkling Water Tap

Sparkling water taps are a great addition to any commercial space. Sparkling water is a popular choice and many find that when they have the option of sparkling water they tend to…

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How To Choose A Boiling And Chilled Water Tap

An instant boiling and chilled water tap is a great addition to any home or office. No more having to wait for the kettle to boil (in fact, you don’t even need…

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