Cold Brew Coffee: What Is It and Is It Worth Making?


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Cold Brew Coffee: What Is It?

What’s the Cold Brew Coffee Obsession About?

It’s easy to confuse cold brew coffee with iced coffee. Iced coffee is where coffee is served over ice often combined with milk and usually syrup. cold brew coffee is something entirely different though. Cold brew coffee is coffee, brewed cold. Why don’t you try some cold brew next time you’re in the office – prepare it the day before and leave to steep overnight then enjoy the next day!

Cold brew coffee tastes best when the coffee grounds are steeped for 24 hours. This produces a concentrated coffee essence. To serve, the coffee essence is then served with chilled water and sugar to taste. Rather than a milky iced coffee, this is the perfect refreshing coffee beverage. If you prefer sweet coffee, this could be the perfect drink for you to try. Sweeter than americano or filter coffee, cold brew has a lower acidity than normal coffee.

Water Quality

Here at Billi, we’re very committed to the environment – which is why we’re such big fans of cold brew. Owing to the fact it uses chilled water, cold brew uses no heat or electricity. One of the most important things to consider with cold brew coffee is the quality of the water you use. Water should be free from chemicals, filtered, and pure for the perfect cold brew.  If you use your Billi tap to make the brew, our chilled water leaves the tap distilled, meaning you’ll get the perfect flavour-rich cup of cold brew.

According to coffee fanatics, the cold brew process extracts a different range of flavour compounds. When compared to hot coffee, different characteristics of the coffee flavour are present. Cold brew coffee is generally regarded as the better way or producing chilled coffee. this is because iced coffee is a faster process, but has to be brewed differently. Because it’s quicker and is mixed with milk, iced coffee has to be brewed stronger. Because the extraction is more rapid and intense, the flavour of iced coffee tends to be more bitter. Cold brew, however, is a more gentle process. The infusion is slower, therefore the taste is naturally sweeter.

If you want to make cold brew, it’s pretty simple. All you need to make it at home is “a large jar with a wide neck and sealable lid and some coffee filter papers. A doubled up kitchen towel will do the same job”. That’s according to Rupert Holloway, who works at Conker Cold Brew. you could say he’s a bit of an expert in the field.