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Why The Stability Of A Country Relies On Water

A threat for many countries is a lack of a fresh water supply, and because of this, water shortages have become an epidemic. Many countries have had a widespread of disease due to an unclean water supply, or infections that have occurred from not drinking enough water. Some countries have their people starving and thirsty, with their river sources usually being a place for many water uses. Whether it be to bathe, drink, or transport, many water sources have been taken advantage of because the people are competing over limited supplies. Before the issue of water can be fixed, however, we need to know the direct impact that water shortages can have on a nation.

What Does Water Do For A Nation?

A clean source of water is very important for any country, as many things that we do to stay clean and healthy require water. We need water to hydrate crops, which is a food supply, we need water to relieve ourselves and to wash our hands and we need water to bathe ourselves. We also need water to stay hydrated ourselves.For countries that do not have clean water, cases of dysentery and dehydration are as common as the flu or typical cold in developed countries. Pure and clean drinking water is the utmost importance, as most people can only live a couple of days without taking in pure water. For areas like parts of Africa and Afghanistan, the heat only makes water that much more important for citizen well- being. Water is not only important for developing countries, however, as in the next section the importance of water in the workplace will be discussed.

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Why Is It Important In The Workplace?

Many business owners try to cut corners when they run their business, and part of cutting these corners is reducing costs of things for the company. One of the things that should not be cut out, are water dispensers, as water is very important for a workplace. People who are dehydrated will typically be more tired, and less focused on the job at hand. Furthermore, if the employee is working in tight areas like cubicles or offices, dehydration usually makes them more agitated and stressed. By putting boiling and chilled water systems in, not only will you provide employees with pure water, but you will also see an increase in company morale.

Billi is the leader in undercounter boiling and chilled water systems, and it is often noted how productivity rises, down-time and social chatting is cut down by the provision of instant drinking water for staff.

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