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Does Drinking Ice-Cold Water on a Hot Day Cool You Down?

On hot days, instinct might lead you to reach for a glass of ice-cold water, but science tells a different story. It turns out that indulging in a hot drink might be your secret weapon against the heat. Research shows that “those drinking hot water (roughly 122 degrees F) stored less heat in their bodies than others” (McGill University, 2023). And here’s the caveat: consuming a hot beverage can trigger a significant increase in sweating, the body’s natural cooling mechanism.

Sweat: Nature’s Air Conditioning

Sweat often gets a bad rap, but it’s actually an evolved way your body regulates temperature. When you sip a hot drink, it might temporarily warm you up, but this prompts your body to produce sweat. If conditions are right and sweat can evaporate effectively, this leads to a net decrease in your body heat – Body heat storage during physical activity is lower with hot fluid ingestion under conditions that permit full evaporation.

The Evaporation Effect

Although a hot drink may initially add heat to your body, its real power lies in the evaporation of sweat. This process removes heat from your skin, creating a cooling effect. The key here is evaporation; for this to be effective, you need to be in an environment where sweat can evaporate easily.

Choosing Between Hot and Cold

So, does drinking cold water cool you down? The answer isn’t straightforward. On hot, dry days with minimal clothing, a hot drink could be surprisingly effective. However, in humid conditions where sweat doesn’t evaporate easily, opting for a refreshing cold drink might be better. Remember, when it’s humid, sweat lingers on your skin and can’t evaporate to cool you down, making a cold beverage the better choice.

If the heat is overwhelming, here’s a practical tip: apply cold water to your wrists’ pressure points. Holding cold water on each wrist for about 30 seconds can cool down the blood flowing through these veins. This chilled blood then circulates back into your system, reducing your overall body temperature for a period. This method can be a quick fix when you need to lower your body temperature rapidly.

The Bottom Line

In the debate of does drinking hot water cool you down versus cold water, context is key. On a dry, hot day, don’t be afraid to experiment with a hot drink. But in sticky, humid weather, a chilled beverage is your best bet for staying cool. Understanding your environment and how your body reacts to it can help you make the best choice for keeping cool during those hot summer days.

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