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Does Your Work Need a Mains-Fed Water Dispenser

When looking at efficient, sustainable, and convenient water solutions for offices, mains-fed water dispensers are usually brought up over their bottled counterparts for offering a continuous supply of filtered water directly from your water mains. This integration can have environmental and space-saving benefits but knowing what a mains-fed water cooler actually is can be a bit confusing when comparing different kinds of plumbed-in water dispensers.

In this guide the water experts at Billi UK will demystify the different types of water coolers for offices and why a mains-fed hot and cold water dispenser is the best option for your workplace.

What is a Mains-Fed Water Cooler?

Using the literal definition, a mains-fed water dispenser is any water system that is plumbed directly into the mains water supply. Whilst this would include any of Billi’s units, it’s often a term used to describe bulky point-of-use water systems that either dispense water directly from the mains as is, or that have any additional features (such as filtration, chilling, heating, and/or sparkling,) in external units that can be loud and garish.

Billi’s water systems differ from other mains water coolers in that all of Billi’s units are compact, under-counter water dispensers. These dispensers share all of the other benefits of mains-fed water coolers whilst not taking up valuable counter space and, for instant boiling water dispensers, Billi can supply boiling water in areas that don’t have a mains hot water supply.

Mains-Fed vs. Bottled Water Dispensers

Mains-fed water dispensers connect directly to your building’s water supply, offering endless water without the need for bottle replacements, which can be cumbersome and environmentally taxing. They are ideal for high-traffic environments due to their ability to provide an uninterrupted water supply.

Pros of Mains-Fed Water Dispensers:

– Eco-friendly: Significantly reduces plastic waste and carbon emissions associated with bottled water delivery.

– Cost-effective: Eliminates the ongoing cost of purchasing bottled water.

– Convenience: Provides unlimited access to filtered water, removing the need to order, store, and lift heavy water bottles.

Cons of Bottled Water Dispensers:

– Environmental Impact: Generates more plastic waste and increases carbon footprint due to the production and transportation of bottles.

– Higher Long-term Costs: Continuous need to purchase bottled water adds up over time.

– Storage Issues: Requires space to store spare water bottles.

The Best Mains-Fed Cooler for Your Office

Billi’s commitment to innovation, design, and sustainability makes its range of water dispensing systems the preferred choice for modern offices. The integration of boiling, chilled, and sparkling water options into compact, under-bench units without sacrificing output capacity means Billi UK has an option perfect for every workplace.

Advantages Over Other Mains-Fed and Bottled Alternatives:

– Space Efficiency: Unlike traditional bulky water coolers, Billi systems are compact and under-bench, saving valuable office space without compromising on performance.

– Eco-Friendly: With a direct connection to the mains water supply, Billi eliminates the environmental impact associated with the production, transportation, and disposal of bottled water.

– Cost-Effective: Billi systems remove the ongoing cost of purchasing, storing, and managing bottled water, providing significant long-term savings.

– Superior Filtration: Billi’s advanced filtration technology ensures the highest quality drinking water, free from contaminants and impurities.

– Customisation: A wide range of dispensers and finishes allows for complete customisation to fit any office aesthetic, from sleek and modern to classic and understated.

– Convenience and Safety: With features like adjustable chilled water temperature and boiling water safety locks, Billi systems are designed for ease of use and safety.

Better Water with Billi UK

Choose a better water system for the environment, your workers, and your bottom line with Billi UK. View our range to find the perfect mains-fed water dispenser for your office needs, or talk to one of our experts to learn more about how a Billi system can improve your workspace.