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Why Drinking From a Glass Bottle is Better

Why You Need to Stop Drinking From Plastic Bottles

We admit, drinking from plastic bottles is convenient. You can grab one on the go from pretty much anywhere. Carrying your own glass bottle is a little less convenient. You have to stop and fill them up, and it’s sometimes awkward asking for water when you haven’t bought anything. However, there are not only environmental benefits from going for a glass bottle. Surprisingly, there are health benefits too. Let’s investigate.

Choosing a glass bottle is not only a trendy choice. It also provides a crisp, fresh taste. Plastic bottles can sometimes leave the water itself with a plastic-like taste. Not what you want when you’re in urgent need of refreshment.

If you were to pick a glass bottle, they’re also far easier to wash and keep clean. This means that bacteria is less likely to grow on your bottle. If you’ve looked at plastic bottles before, they often have ridges around the mouthpiece – this area often harbours bacteria. Glass bottles can withstand far higher temperatures when washing, meaning you can effectively kill any germs that may have made their way onto your water bottle. If you really want to make sure your bottle is clean – some glass bottles are even dishwasher safe!

Plastic Bottle Dangers

With plastic water bottles, if you re-fill them, the tap water you fill them with can often taste strange. Any refilled plastic bottles should be drunk on the same day. This is because when you drink from a plastic bottle, BPA and chemicals from the plastic can leach into your drinking water.

Not only that but with time plastic bottles become discoloured and degrade. If you keep on using the same plastic bottle, it may be better for the environment, but health wise it’s a no-no. The more plastic bottles degrade, the more plastic molecules can be found in your water.

By now, we should all be well aware of the environmental impact of drinking from a plastic bottle. Americans alone use a whopping 53 million plastic bottles a year. With only around 20% of those being recycled, the rest of the bottles end up in landfill.

That’s why here at Billi we have created our own glass water bottles! They are perfect for those of you on the go, or even just sat at your desk. They are toxin and chemical free and ensure the water from your Billi tap stays as fresh and clean tasting as it did when it left the tap. If you’re interested in our bottles, please click the link above to place an order.