Eco-Friendly Plastic Straw Alternatives to Start Using


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Eco-Friendly Plastic Straw Alternatives

Stop Using a Plastic Straw and Start Using These Instead

London is, unfortunately, the plastic straw capital of Europe. The city alone uses the same amount of straws as the whole of Italy. But, it’s time to suck it up, get rid of the plastic, and start using plastic straw alternatives. Plastic straws are an unnecessary single-use plastic. They’re slow to decompose and are polluting the world’s oceans, river and waterways. With alternatives being so easy to come by, there’s no excuse for unnecessary pollution.

Plastic straws are the first of many single-use plastics that need to go. The scale of plastic pollution is becoming unfathomable. Around 8-11 million tonnes of plastic enter the ocean every year. Animals are starving, as they’re eating plastic thinking it’s food. Plastic toxins are also seeping into the water causing further pollution.


Glass Bottles

Rather than using a straw at all, why not just use a reusable glass bottle? Plastic bottles are one of the leading causes of plastic pollution, so kill two birds with one stone and cut out straws and plastic bottles! If you buy a glass bottle with a smaller mouthpiece – you’ll reduce the need for straws completely. No water dribbling down your face, and no plastic straw waste – win, win.

Glass Straws

Pick a hardy glass straw, and not only will they last for ages, they’re also dishwasher friendly! Perfect for those who worry about the hygiene of reusing straws. If you buy pyrex-standard glass straws, they’re safe and shatterproof too.

Paper Straws

Perhaps the easiest to get hold of, paper straws are available in most supermarkets. They also usually come in funky colours or patterns. Paper straws are biodegradable and fully compostable, but strong enough to last for a whole drink. They are the cheapest plastic straw alternative available.


Metal Bottle

These bottles keep your drink nice and cool for hours. Or hot, depending on what you’re drinking! If you fill it from your Billi tap at work, you can also keep it on your desk and keep sipping sparkling water without it going still from a plastic straw disrupting the bubbles.

Switching straws is just one way to make a difference. Switching to Billi is another. We could save you water, and prevent your workforce from using single-use plastic bottles or straws. Our systems provide instant chilled, boiled and sparkling water. You can keep staff hydrated, and be eco-friendly and save water at the same time.