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Environmental Concerns That We Can All Help Reduce

How Many Environmental Concerns Can We Help Reduce?

Earth is currently facing many environmental concerns. From hurricanes to forest fires, it seems like the world is environmentally unsettled. Unfortunately, human activity is to blame for most of the problems. From fossil fuel overconsumption to overpopulation and lack of recycling, humans are causing huge issues for the planet. If we don’t become aware and take action now, things will only get worse. So, how many environmental concerns are there that we can help reduce?

Air Pollution

This is a huge issue in China, predominantly due to the fact that there are a lot of factories, and very few pollution laws. Industry and vehicle engine fumes cause smog, and eventually air pollution. Burning fossil fuels leads to the discharge of various poisons and gases that seep into the atmosphere and can cause acid rain. Heavy air pollution can not just effect the Earth and nature, but can also affect human health. Lung function and respiratory problems often occur in areas of high air pollution. To reduce this, subtle changes can be made such as cutting down on driving, and choosing to cycle. Also, it is essential that all governments impose pollution limits.

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Water Pollution

Clean drinking water is essential for a healthy, happy life. However, genuinely clean drinking water is becoming more and more uncommon. Waste from agricultural and industrial activities lead to water pollution of drinking water meant for humans, animals and plants. The effects of water pollution can be fatal, depending on the type of pollutant. Unfortunately, water pollution by pollutants such as plastic or oil have a massive effect on the eco-systems that live and thrive in water. This can lead to the death of sea-creatures and the disruption of the food chain. To combat these effects of water pollution, ensure that you recycle all plastic, do not dispose of waste down the sink or in the toilet, and conserve water.

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Climate Change

Perhaps one of the most controversial on this list, climate change is arguably caused by humans alone. Due to our ever increasing use of energy, the atmosphere is heating and causing natural disasters. Flooding is occurring due to sea level temperatures rising and causing the ice to melt, and wildfires are occurring more because of the unbearable temperatures being reached in dry desert countries. The Earth is heating mainly due to human’s burning of fossil fuels. Certain gases in the atmosphere prevent heat from leaving, and these gases are CO2, methane, nitrous oxide and more. These particular gases are caused by deforestation, the burning of fossil fuels, livestock farming and lots more. Unfortunately, this issue is far harder to solve. Unless the rate of population growth and food consumption slows, climate change will keep accelerating.


Our forests give us air to breathe. For all the CO2 we create as humans, trees and plants use this gas for growth, and in return create oxygen, which is obviously essential for human life. Not only are plants responsible for oxygen, but they also help control temperature and precipitation. Wooded areas are being cut down to make way for agricultural farming, homes and materials. However, with the growing population, this problem is only set to get worse. More people on Earth means that there are more mouths to feed and more people who need a place to live. One of the key ways to cut down on deforestation would be to reduce your intake of red meat, and actively be aware of products containing palm oil. These two things cause deforestation as trees are cut down for grazing pastures, or palm oil is extracted from them.

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