Green Building Objectives (GBO's): How Can Billi Help?


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Green Building Objectives: How Can Billi Help?

How Billi Can Help Meet Green Building Objectives

Buildings may not be the most obvious contributor to climate change – we’re more likely to think of cars or aeroplanes when considering human developments that adversely affect the environment. However, buildings are responsible for an estimated 40% of our total carbon footprint in the UK. With climate change threatening many of the vital resources on which we rely, creating sustainable, energy-efficient buildings offer a huge opportunity to reduce the strain we’re putting on our planet.

Increasingly, architects and developers are looking to construct buildings that minimise negative consequences for the environment. So-called ‘green’ buildings are intended to be healthier for inhabitants and visitors, as well as the planet. This article will explore green building objectives and the crucial ways in which Billi water systems contribute towards meeting them.

What is a green building?

Every building requires certain resources – not only during construction but in order to permanently serve its users. People must have access to air, water and energy in order to survive, let alone thrive. Unfortunately, meeting these demands has historically meant depletion of natural resources and the production of waste.

In response to the imminent threat of climate change and resource scarcity, green architecture is attempting to turn things around. Through the efficient use of resources, green buildings are designed to reduce waste and lessen environmental degradation during development and day-to-day operation.

Green building objectives

By harnessing technology and innovation, green buildings aim to:

  • Use less energy – reducing energy usage is achieved through efficient appliances, insulation and triple glazing. Renewable sources of energy such as wind and solar reduce reliance on polluting fossil fuels. 
  • Use less water – minimising water consumption is imperative for avoiding water scarcity in the future. Measures such as low-flush toilets, recycling rainwater and water-saving appliances all contribute to making a building eco-friendly. 
  • Produce less waste – green buildings are designed to promote mindfulness about the materials users consume, utilising biodegradable substances and recycling wherever possible in order to minimise additions to landfill. 
  • Promote health and happiness – in addition to helping the environment, green buildings contribute towards the wellbeing of inhabitants and visitors. A healthy indoor environment involves plenty of natural light, improved air and water quality, as well as comfortable, ergonomic furniture and equipment.

Meeting green building objectives with Billi

Green buildings require input and expertise from a multitude of professionals. Architects, developers, plumbers and electricians must all contribute to succeed in meeting green building objectives. When it comes to environmentally-friendly water systems, there’s no greater expert than Billi.

Energy saving

Appliances for green buildings must be as energy-efficient as possible. When it comes to liquid refreshment, Billi’s instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water taps are the natural choice for eco-friendly businesses. Instant water taps are particularly efficient when serving boiling water, as keeping water hot requires less energy than repeatedly boiling the kettle.

On top of the general energy-saving advantages of a boiling water tap, Billi’s heat exchange technology makes our water systems uniquely efficient. Our innovative heat exchange system captures and stores thermal energy that would usually be wasted in the water cooling process and uses it to pre-heat boiling water. Through recycling energy, a Billi system maximises sustainability, requiring less energy from natural resources.

Our 7-day, 24-hour time switch also ensures that the water system is only on when necessary. What’s more, standby mode conserves energy by automatically powering down after a set time of disuse.

Saving water

As a company specialising in water systems, we appreciate how vital this natural resource is in everyday life. Recent predictions from the Environment Office have only solidified the importance for all of us to start using water much more efficiently.

When a building serves a lot of people, our water systems can streamline water consumption significantly. Waiting for water to run cold and overfilling kettles soon adds up to a huge amount of wasted water, especially in busy buildings, when dozens or even hundreds of people repeat these actions every day. Installing a Billi water tap avoids such inefficiencies through providing drinking water at the right temperature and in the exact quantity needed. That means the perfect cuppa, without a sip spilt.


In addition to cutting down on the use of natural resources, green buildings also seek to reduce physical waste. With the UK facing a crisis in landfill and the world’s oceans and marine wildlife already devastated by single-use plastics, the environment demands a significant reduction in what we throw away. This means recycling and reusing materials as much as possible.

As well as avoiding water and energy waste, Billi taps can also discourage the use of single-use materials destined for disposal. Say goodbye to water bottles and plastic water dispensers! Our advanced filtration system means all the benefits of bottled water – free from impurities and fresh-tasting – but straight from the tap. Not only this, but Billi can provide personalised glass bottles, meaning crisp, chilled water can be enjoyed anywhere in the office, without the need for harmful plastic bottles.

Health and happiness

Green buildings should not just mean a healthier planet: they also aim to produce flourishing, happy individuals. Billi’s role in this is simple – clean, healthy and delicious hydration. After all, a healthy, happy building is a hydrated one. Dehydration plays havoc with basic bodily processes, impacting energy levels and degrading mental or emotional health. Therefore, drinking enough liquid is absolutely vital to human health and psychological wellbeing.

Billi water systems provide chilled, boiling or sparkling water at the touch of a tap. Our impressive dispense rates mean instant, consistent hydration – which equals fewer queues and more smiling faces! And Billi water is not just quick: it’s also of the highest quality. Premium, 5-stage filtration ensures that water is free from dangerous sediment, chemicals and bacteria, while allowing essential minerals naturally present in water to flow through. As a result, the cleanest, healthiest water possible is guaranteed.

Getting the green light

Our passion for looking after the natural environment, along with our cutting-edge technology, makes us the perfect partner for eco-conscious businesses. This is exemplified in the successes of the green buildings we have contributed to – including the award-winning Bloomberg building, which achieved a 98.5% score against BREEAM’s sustainability assessment method. Get in touch today to learn how we can help make your business greener.