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How Long Does Filtered Water Last?

If you’ve recently made the switch to a filtered water system you may be wondering how long your filtered water can last.

Many people say that you should treat water the same as any other perishable food, but filtered water has a far longer shelf life than food. 

The fact is, how long filtered water lasts all depends on the container it is stored in and the environment it has been placed in. 

To help you continue to drink clean and safe water we’ve revealed some tips on how to store your filtered water. 

In A Refrigerator

As mentioned previously, water is not perishable, however, if contaminated with any other airborne contaminants it can become polluted. Making it less enjoyable to drink, and a potential problem for your gut.

If you decide to store your filtered water in a fridge, ensure it is stored in a clean container. This should be airtight to ensure no external contaminants from food or the air can enter the bottle. A plastic or glass bottle is an ideal solution for this.  

With it stored in a bottle within a refrigerator, filtered water can last for a few weeks. 

However, when it comes to any type of water it is always best to consume it within a short period of time. 

Compared to other fluids such as juices or foods that contain sugars, it is easy to spot the growth of mold. Whereas water will continue to look clear despite being contaminated. 

Manufacturers use strict bottling methods to ensure the longevity of water in supermarkets. This type of bottling is hard to replicate at work or at home where the environment is not as heavily regulated. 

At Room Temperature 

Some of us enjoy drinking water at room temperature but this environment will not make your filtered water last well. 

As room temperature is generally quite warm, the filtered water can become exposed to heat and other elements that are present in the air. 

While these may be invisible to the human eye, these can pollute the water. Not only changing the taste but also adding bacteria into the water that can cause potential illness. 

You may have noticed this when you have left a glass of water on your desk for a few days. There is sometimes a film or a grittiness about the water. 

If you wish to drink your filtered water at room temperature we would recommend not leaving it longer than a few hours to drink. 

Bottled Water 

Shop purchased bottled water does come with an expiry date. 

Many European and American food laws require bottled water to have these expiry dates. This isn’t due to the water but due to the plastic bottles they are contained within.

Water can leach plastic flavours, and if left exposed to sunlight the plastic can begin to add elements into the bottled water. 

Even the most high-quality water will not last if put under these conditions.

Commercial bottled water is not meant to be washed or refilled. Therefore, if you wish to make your filtered water last during the day purchase a reusable water container

How long your water can last all depends on the conditions it is put through. To enjoy filtered water at it’s finest we would always recommend drinking it as soon as possible. Alternatively carry it around in a tightly sealed bottle.