How to Conserve Water During a Hot Summer Heatwave


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How to Conserve Water During a Heatwave

Are you Saving Water During This Endless Summer?

With temperatures having risen to above 35C the past few days, Britain is experiencing a serious heatwave. High temperatures have brought about a serious water shortage within the UK, and as such it’s vital that people start looking at long-term ways to conserve water.

Across the North-West of England, there is currently a hosepipe ban in action. However, water shortages and subsequent warnings have been made in nearly every county. So, if you’re concerned about your water usage, here are some ways you can cut down and conserve water.


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Time Your Showers

This may seem excessive, but on average, people have around 4.4 showers a week. If you’re somebody that likes long showers of around 20 minutes, that’s a whole lot of water you’re using. Instead, set yourself timers for your showers, and try and be as quick as possible. You can even go one step further and turn off the water while you’re shampooing or soaping.

Turn Off the Tap

With a running tap wasting around 6 litres of water a minute, turning your tap off while you clean your teeth can make a serious difference. As you’re meant to clean your teeth for around 2 minutes, if you leave the tap running the whole time, you could be wasting a whopping 12 litres of water. Try to just wet your brush, then turn off the tap to ensure precious water doesn’t run down the drain without being used.

Fill the Dishwasher

You might not know this, but if you have a whole load of washing up to do, fill the dishwasher instead of hand washing. Surprisingly, hand washing uses more water than the dishwasher, but only if you have a whole load. Don’t run the dishwasher when it’s half full, as this is wasteful.

Install a Billi Tap

Saving water doesn’t just take place at home. You can also make a difference in the workplace. By installing a Billi tap, you use less water than traditional water systems such as kettles or water coolers as you only chill, or heat the amount you’re going to use.

Collect the Cold Stuff

While you’re waiting for your shower to heat up, pop a bucket in there to collect the cold waste water. Use this cold waste water to water the plants around your home and garden rather than letting it go down the drain.

We hope this list has given you some ideas on how to save water around your home and in the workplace. We’d love to hear your suggestions for any more tips to save water this summer.