Instant Breakfast Ideas - Perfect for the Workplace


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Instant Breakfast Ideas – Perfect for the Workplace

Breaking Your Fast with Billi UK

So many of us miss the most important meal of the day. The average person sleeps for 6-9 hours each night. This is 6-9 hours without food or sustenance! Breaking your overnight fast with a proper meal is essential. Breakfast is named such as it literally means breaking the fast.  Breakfast is the first meal of the day and helps you gain energy for the day ahead. Definitely don’t skip it.

Eating a balanced breakfast helps promote weight maintenance. It does this by maintaining blood glucose levels and your metabolism. Breakfast also replenishes your supply of glucose and provides other essential nutrients to keep your energy levels up throughout the day.

The trouble is, a lot of us are in a rush in the morning. For this reason, we resort to breakfast at work. Or, for some of us, no breakfast at all. If you don’t break your overnight fast, your body does not have the nutrients it needs for a full day of healthy brain function. It can also lead to a slower metabolism, and people eating more at lunch time. There are a multitude of breakfasts that are healthy and still suitable for those on the go. Here are the ones we tend to go for in the office.

Instant Porridge – Instant Porridge really warms you up for the day ahead. Just add instant hot water from a Billi tap, stir, and leave to rest for 2 minutes. Then enjoy your oaty breakfast! Unprocessed whole grain oats are high in fibre and break down slowly, providing sustained energy throughout the day. Porridge is great brain fuel. However, make sure to be careful of the sugar contents of your instant oats. Opt for plain porridge, or no added sugar and bring your own toppings such as a banana or raisins to work to reduce sneaky added sugars or sweeteners.

Instant Porridge

Overnight Oats – Another oat based breakfast, appealing because of the slow releasing energy due to the high carb content. Overnight oats are a craze in the health food world. Take a jam jar or mason jar, fill with layers of oat, water/milk/yoghurt and any desired toppings such as raspberries and almonds, cocoa and orange or strawberries and Nutella etc. The variety of flavours is as broad as your imagination. When your oats are done, leave in the fridge at work overnight, and eat the next morning when you’re desperate for a breakfast pick me up!

Baked Eggs –  We tend to prefer more filling breakfasts, as it means we don’t feel hungry again before lunch. This breakfast is incredibly filling and one for those of you who prefer a savoury breakfast. Take a sachet of instant mash potato, and add boiling water from your Billi tap. Allow the mash to sit until it is fluffy. Then make two wells in the mash, and crack an egg into each crevice. Add bacon, chives or cheese, then pop into the microwave until the eggs are baked. Almost too good for work!

Smoothie – The options for flavours with this one really are endless. Prepare your fruit in the morning at home, blend them, but do not add water. Fruit and water can separate if not drunk immediately after making. When you get to work, add either still or sparkling water to your pureed fruit for a vitamin-packed fruit punch to start your day right.

Can you think of any other brilliant breakfasts where you use your Billi tap? Unfortunately, coffee is not a breakfast on its own, as we certainly drink enough of that! If you’d like to promote healthy regular eating in your workplace, contact us today to see which Billi products would work for you.