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Introducing The Firewall® Tower Dispenser

Firewall® and BioCote® technologies are two key innovations which Billi now brings to it’s product range with the new Firewall® Tower Dispenser.

Billi has been at the forefront of the instant filtered boiling and chilled water systems industry for over 30 years. In that time, the Billi name has become synonymous with innovation and quality. Billi products are recognised for their functionality, performance and contemporary aesthetics.

Firewall® and BioCote® technologies are two key innovations that Billi now brings to the UK market, in the form of the new Firewall® Tower Dispenser. Compatible with Billi’s existing Quadra range, the Firewall® Tower Dispenser delivers the latest in UV water purification technology; whilst maintaining the convenience of instantaneous boiling and chilled water. Featuring a unique above bench tower design, the Firewall® Tower guarantees 99.99% pure water 100% of the time. The system utilises a UV lamp uniquely positioned at the point of dispense, rendering waterborne bacteria incapable of reproduction the moment before it is delivered.

Ideal for the health and aged-care markets, The Firewall® Tower Dispenser also features BioCote® technology that protects surfaces against bacteria, mould and fungi. Leveraging the antimicrobial properties of silver, BioCote® prevents the growth of microorganisms by providing surface protection from microbes that may infect, degrade or stain the surface of the unit.

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The Firewall® Tower features contactless dispensing that is activated by robust infra-red sensor technology. Clear instructions are provided on the machine, explaining how the motion sensors work and ensuring there is no cross-contamination between users.

This new addition to an expanding product range is further evidence of Billi’s strong commitment to research and development, and our pursuit to improve user health and quality of life. This is achieved while addressing our customer’s hydration needs and helping to protect against the spread of bacteria and disease.

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