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Is Filtered Water Good For Our Pets?

 In the UK, 8% of employees are allowed to take their dogs to work. With this in mind, we wanted to answer the question of whether filtered water is good for our pets. 

After all, if you’re bringing your pup into the workplace, you probably want to know if they can drink the same freshly filtered water as you. 

At present, 50 plus companies in the UK now allow dogs in the office. Which means our pets have never been a more welcome companion. 

National Bring Your Dog to Work day is celebrated on the 24th June each year. Meaning even more us are taking the opportunity to bring in a canine colleague. 

With pets in the workplace, it’s important to know the office rules, and ensure they can be fed and watered appropriately. 

Can Animals Drink Filtered Water? 

Many of our modern workspaces now contain filtered water systems such as our Billi taps

Having filtered water in the office not only enables freshwater to be constantly available. But with the quality of water received through the system, you can feel healthy and more productive. 

Filtered water is nothing new to us humans, but what about our pets? 

The truth is, our pets can drink the same quality of water as us. And that includes filtered water. 

In fact, many experts believe that our pets should be able to drink the same high-quality water  as we do. 

Animals are just like humans. And like humans, animals are on average about 80% water. This means our pets need water to survive. 

With this mind, many animal specialists agree that pets should be given the same quality water as humans. This includes bottled or filtered water. 

By providing filtered water for your pets to drink, you are also supporting their health. 

We are all aware that bacteria is present in standard tap water. However, just like us humans, this bacteria can make pets ill. Especially if they are exposed to particular types of bacteria. 

Giving your pet filtered water to drink will remove any potential sickness-causing bacteria or metals from being ingested. 

Cats and dogs are the most common pets, and they need lots of freshwater. 

As pets are becoming an increasing sight in the modern workplace, it’s good to know that when they’re on-site they can be well looked after. 

With 40% of people reporting a happier work-life when their pets are with them, we can see a growing trend for our furry friends joining us at work.  

Just remember. The next time your dog visits the office, don’t think twice about offering them a bowl of fresh filtered water.