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Keep Your Customers Happy: Reselling Taps with Billi

Reselling Billi Taps

If your clients are in need of boiling, chilled or sparkling taps, then look no further than Billi. With our innovative products, outstanding servicing and unbeatable support throughout the resale process, partnering with us is the best option for both you and your clients. Intrigued? Read on for a breakdown of how Billi products can take your customer satisfaction – and your business – to new heights.

Superior Products

When selling a product to your clients, you want to be promoting something you believe in. With Billi taps, you can be confident that you’re offering a premium product. Professionally endorsed, ergonomic design and cutting-edge technology make Billi units an easy sell, no matter who your client is.

A tap for every customer

Our boiling, chilled and sparkling taps are available in a variety of different styles, sizes and finishes. They also possess a wide range of capacities, with the ability to hydrate between 5 and 500 workers. So whatever the requirements and priorities of your client, there will be a Billi tap that’s perfect for them.

Sustainability & efficiency

For businesses today, reducing environmental impact is of the utmost priority. At Billi, we share this aspiration and are passionate about producing water systems that are at the forefront of sustainability.

This is why we have worked to offer a product range with energy efficiency at its core. Featuring unique and innovative heat-exchange technology, our units are able to harness waste heat energy produced through chilling and utilise it to preheat boiling water. This leads to significant energy savings – something clients will love, both from an environmental and an economical standpoint.

Efficiency will also be an advantage for your time-conscious customers. Preheated water means employees won’t have to wait for their tea or coffee – our units can generate 90-250 cups of boiling water per hour.

Space saving

Our units are not just financially economical: they also save on space. Under counter technology means that they are up to half the size of our competitors’ models, meaning they can be tucked away into tight gaps so you can maximise on your kitchen space.

Your Customers are our Customers

As a business that prides itself on outstanding customer service, we know the importance of keeping consumers happy. When it comes to resellers, we recognise that the service you give to your customers reflects directly on us. Therefore, when you become an official Billi reseller – and a subsequent partner of our business – our goals align themselves with yours. Your customers’ happiness becomes as important to us as it is to you.

From this mutual goal, we will strive to provide you with everything you need to ensure a smooth sale and the best servicing for your client. Whether through customer service, training or sales support, we can offer you invaluable assistance to help you wow your client.

Strong Sales

We want to provide you with everything necessary to achieve a confident, smooth and successful sale. That’s why, if required, we can offer you exceptional sales support, allowing you to sell Billi products with ease and conviction.

Presentation days

One way we can support you from a sales perspective is by hosting a presentation for your prospective clients. This will consist of both a practical and a powerpoint presentation, introducing Billi products to your potential customer in a clear, engaging way. We can also expertly answer any questions or concerns your client may have.

Presentations can either be hosted at your own premises or at our London showroom. If you do require a showroom appointment, our sales team will be ready and waiting to book one in for you – just get in touch and we’ll do the rest.

Bespoke brochures

We want to help you educate your clients precisely and authoritatively about our products and servicing, thereby maximising sales. An effective way of doing this is by producing bespoke, branded brochures to assist and reinforce your conversations with future customers.

As a partner, our aim is to complement your offerings with Billi products. This is why the brochure will be adapted specially for your business, featuring your branding alongside ours. Not only will the brochure help customers clearly understand the different Billi products available, but it will be a valuable aid in helping you specify our units accurately.

Reliable Servicing

Extraordinary servicing and aftercare is what sets Billi apart from our competitors. From supplying and servicing units to maintenance and filter changing, our servicing is fast, thorough and reliable.

The key to our impeccable servicing and aftercare is in our high standards – only authorised service personnel who are trained to an appropriate level can carry out servicing of Billi units. Our Client Care Team consists of a substantial network of highly trained and approved service staff. This means that you and your clients can rest assured that any work carried out will be done so efficiently and effectively, and only by certified professionals.

Expert Training

If you would rather offer your own servicing, then we can train your engineers in-house to service and maintain Billi taps. We will instruct your personnel on how to carry out repairs and maintenance efficiently and effectively, making sure that you can provide the superior aftercare your clients expect.

In order to ensure your engineers meet our standards of service, we will provide comprehensive teaching and additional support until you have the ability to carry out training to the required level yourself.


If you’re ready to make your client’s day by becoming a Billi reseller, please review our structured pricing breakdown. There are also plenty of resources available to download online including our product brochure, client case studies and data sheets. And of course, don’t forget that our sales team are always available to answer any questions you may have.