Kettles in the Workplace - Why Do You Still Have Them?


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Kettles in the Workplace – Why Do You Still Have Them?

The Kettle in the Workplace Debate

Do kettles still have a home in the workplace? Originally intended to solve the issue of provisionally boiling water on a small scale basis, we’re asking whether the kettle is fit for purpose in your business. 

The convenience of the kettle in the home has meant that many have taken the kettle into a realm it was not designed for – the workplace. Billi is committed to making more cost efficient, energy efficient and time efficient businesses across the UK. Which means spending less time boiling the kettle and more time stewing over ideas. 


The average full kettle will cost around 3p a time to boil. Considering the average full kettle makes 6 cups of boiling water, this could become costly. Small businesses employing 100 people say, could be looking at splashing out around £50 a day waiting to hear the kettle click. With large-scale businesses looking at as a minimum around £5,000 a day on boiling water.

kettles in the workplace


Time is a precious commodity for businesses and the individual at work. With limited time on your lunch break, the last thing you want to do is queue at work for your favourite hot beverage. Let alone wait on top of that for the kettle to boil. Fine if you’re at home and the advert break while watching TV gives you that perfect window to boil the kettle and make a cuppa before your programme starts, but not at work.


The humble kettle has a capacity of 6 mugs of hot water. It isn’t cut out for a commercial life in a thriving and busy business.


In surveys on how often we replace small kitchen appliances, kettles come out on top. In a domestic setting, as we all know, the kettle undergoes heavy use. Everything is fixed by a cup of tea. In the workplace, it doesn’t stand a chance. The kettle is not equipped for the demands and pressures of commercial use. 

In contrast, under the counter water systems are rapidly becoming more suitable alternatives for commercial use. With greater capacity and longevity, our systems reduce cost and waiting time.


Our under the counter water systems have an inbuilt 7-day time switch, ensuring the system is running when needed. This eliminates unnecessary hours of power consumption, saving you money off your overheads.

Time and Capacity

Our systems have a boiling delivery of 90 – 250 cups per hour. This means no more waiting around, or queuing in the staff room. So you can enjoy more of your well-earned break.


At Billi, we aim to make quality products. Our sustainable and innovative systems are specifically designed for commercial use.  Withstanding all the pressures of the workplace, so you can sit back with a cuppa and not have to. 

Whether you have a large workforce or small, our under the counter water systems can be a welcome addition to the workplace. Get in touch with us today and see how we can help you replace your kettle and save your business time and money.