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Kickstart Your Metabolism With a Morning Coffee

Boost Your Metabolism With Black Coffee

Good news! New research is suggesting that coffee can help you lose weight. If like us, you can’t function until you’ve had a cup, you’re in luck. Hot drinks such as green tea are supposedly known for kick-starting your metabolism, but now, nutritionist Sarah Flowers is saying coffee may do the same.

Besides providing you with that much-needed caffeine injection, coffee can also help you lose weight. If you take your coffee with lots of sugar, it’s likely you won’t see any results. However, black coffee can help you slim down as it can help kickstart a boost of your metabolism.


Boosts Energy and Aids Weightloss

Coffee lovers will be glad to know, that not only does a mug of coffee give you energy, it also boosts concentration and energy levels. This is alongside the supposed metabolism boost too. So, next time you’re in the office and feeling sluggish, head over to your Billi tap. Get a mug, pop in a scoopful of coffee, and finally pour in your instant hot water straight from the tap. Then, let the coffee do it’s magic!

A fast metabolism helps you burn fat quicker, which is why it helps people slim down. “Your daily cup of coffee can help boost your metabolic rate, by stimulating thermogenesis, helping you in turn to burn more fat.” But your metabolism isn’t the only thing affected by coffee. Coffee contains a helpful weight loss aid. This aid is Chlorogenic acid. It is responsible for slowing down the absorption of carbohydrates and breaking down fat, further aiding weight loss.

You might be thinking, “I’ll keep drinking coffee until I’ve lost weight”, but it doesn’t work exactly like that. Unfortunately, your body can become immune to its effects. If we drink too much caffeine, our body can stop being affected by the fat burning benefits and your metabolism will plateau. For maximum effect, limit yourself to two cups a day. It’s also best to drink them in the morning, as this will kick-start your metabolism before you eat.

Have one coffee at home, and one when you get into the office in the morning. This way you’ll get your metabolism ready for the day, and ready to burn fat! But, remember. Steer clear of milk and sugar, as sweet, milky coffees are laden with hidden calories and can have quite the opposite effect.