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Billi, the perfect fit.


When one of the world’s leading manufacturers of play materials commissioned Denton Associates to fit-out a new floor in their London offices, the vital question of tea point taps came up. The specification was clear:

The system had to cope with the 80 staff and needed to have the capacity to dispense boiling or chilled filtered water for drinking, at the same time as dispensing water for the sinks. Both these functions were to have a dedicated tap finished in stylish brushed chrome.


It was a simple enough request for Billi. The Quadra Plus 15 was selected for its ability to deliver boiling, chilled, hot and ambient water from just one highly space, and energy efficient under counter unit.

Both Denton and the client were happy to install Billi, knowing that the brand represents high quality, high performance and impeccable client care. Billi, the perfect fit with the company’s spirit “only the best is good enough” is relentlessly building its reputation, brick by brick.