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Loose Leaf Tea – What are the Benefits of drinking it?

Why choose loose leaf tea over traditional tea bags?

Other than water, the most consumed drink around the world is tea. Hot or iced, tea can be had at any time and at any place. Whether you enjoy a fancy earl grey at afternoon tea or a traditional builders cuppa, tea can be enjoyed everywhere. It’s warming and sociable qualities are admired throughout various cultures and societies. This being said, it’s important to make sure we get the most out of each cup of tea.The abundance of tea choice out there coincides with the amount of ways you’re able to have your tea. From Earl grey, darjeeling, green tea, builders and many more there is a long list of choice. However, there has been an ongoing debate that having your choice as loose leaf tea is better for you than the regular teabags.

What are the benefits of loose leaf tea?

The size of the leaf within a loose leaf tea bag is generally larger than anything in traditional tea bags. The tea found in mass produced teabags are the dust and fannings of smaller pieces of tea. Therefore the size of the leaf depends on how many healthy antioxidants and plant polyphenols you receive per cup. The teabags found in various supermarket brands often have broken or crushed leaves meaning the essential oils in the leaf, which give the flavor to tea, are destroyed.

The larger leaves contained within loose leaf tea have a bigger surface area than that of tea bags. Therefore the larger the leaves the more natural and healthy oils you are going to get out of them. Allowing you to achieve teas naturally nice smelling aroma and delicious taste.

How do I switch to drinking loose leaf tea?

It is important to understand your palette and the flavours that you prefer. If you enjoy the taste of black tea, look into purchasing loose-leaf black tea. However if you fancy a fruity taste, look into flavoured loose tea leaves. Once you’ve chosen the flavoured tea that is right for you, play around with brew times. Everyone’s preferences are different but the longer the tea is left to soak in the boiling water, the stronger in flavour and antioxidants it will be.

Whether you stick with traditional teabags or make the move to loose leaf, it’s never been easier to get a cuppa than with Billi. Our boiling taps mean you can get your favourite tea in the comfort of your office quicker than ever. To find out more on how you can help motivate your workforce, contact us today.