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Making Iced Coffee With Your Billi Tap

Is Making Your Own Iced Coffee Healthier?

Nothing says summer to us more than an iced coffee. Trading in the hot for the cold while still getting our essential caffeine kick makes mornings all that more bearable. Some people might think making iced coffee is hard, but it’s actually pretty easy – depending on how you take it.

When you decide to go for an iced coffee, what you need to consider is how milky you want it to be. If you’re a fan of a more water-based coffee, then an iced Americano is what you should go for. However, if you prefer a more milky coffee, go for an iced latte. Try and pick the coffee just as you would choose your normal hot coffee.

Starbucks, the leading coffee chain, gave this summary. ‘An Iced Latte is sweeter and creamier, and an Iced Americano is bolder, highlighting the nuances of the coffee.’

The recipes for iced coffee can vary, with some only using two ingredients; coffee and ice. Within the method though, there are variations. Some people choose frothed milk, milk substitutes or syrups to add to their iced beverages.

A simple iced coffee recipe

A simple recipe that you can make in the office for those hot summer days is as follows.

  1. Fill your glass 3/4 full with ice.
  2. In a separate cup, add your coffee granules, and cover with a small amount of hot water from your Billi tap. Think of it as if you’re making an espresso – the coffee will be a small, strong one.
  3. Add milk and any desired syrups to the glass with ice in. We like a sugar-free vanilla syrup, but there is plenty of choice out there! The milk should come up to about 2 inches away from the top of the glass.
  4. When you have your glass full of ice and milk, then pour the ‘espresso’ you made earlier over the top. By making the coffee this way round, you will have the end result of a swirling iced coffee that you can mix in yourself. It looks great!
  5. Add a reusable straw, and voila, enjoy a delicious ice cold coffee and make your whole office jealous.

How do iced coffees compare?

Making an iced coffee at work or home means you know exactly what has gone into it. But, what about when you buy one on the go? Are they healthy, or are their sweet taste a result of being pumped full of sugar?

Starbucks: Iced coffee with milk. Large, whole milk, sweetened. 120 calories, 2g of fat.

Caffe Nero: Iced coffee with milk. Espresso, whole milk, added sweetness. 155 calories, 3.8g of fat.

Costa: Iced coffee with milk. Large, whole milk. 122 calories, 4g of fat.

According to the Telegraph, some women are drinking lattes and frappes from high street coffee chains and as a result, consuming nearly a quarter of their recommended calories intake in one drink.

If you’re looking for a refreshing iced coffee-based beverage, but don’t want the calories, sugar or fat from a coffee bought from a chain, making one using our recipe is the perfect solution.