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Meet the Billi Team – Callum Lodge, Key Account Manager

Billi is a business built on people. The people we work for and the people who work for us. Meet the Billi team who collectively have a wealth of knowledge and broad experience to draw from when helping our customers, but they have a fun side too…

Meet Callum Lodge, our Key Account Manager.

Meet the Team - Callum Lodge (Billi Water Systems UK)


What does Callum do for our customers?

Hi, my name is Callum Lodge and I work within the Partnerships channel.

I have been with Billi for almost two years now, but previously I worked within SaaS Account Management so the switch to water was quite significant!

Within my role, I work with our key partners and support them with Sales and Marketing strategy for the Billi range, along with support on individual projects to ensure we are providing the best solution for the customer.

I find my work very rewarding, I build great partnerships and get to drink amazing coffee, It’s my ideal role!

What do you love about working for Billi?

  • The quality, with a premium brand and product it allows me to support our partners with better account management.
  • The team, everybody is very friendly, and we all get on as a family. It allows us to work without barriers and makes “work” less like “work”.
  • The experience, with the product being suitable for all environments it’s allowed me to visit some huge brand names. One day I could be visiting a large fashion design brand and the next a prestigious SaaS company in the heart of London.

What do you get up to outside of work?

Outside of work I’m quite sociable, you’ll find me in a beer garden or at a rock concert. I also have an interest in the gaming industry and have been known to compete in small tournaments.

When you were a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

A professional gamer! I started at the age of five and spent a few years streaming and creating videos for YouTube. Now I have an adult job so that shows how that went!


Callum Lodge - Billi Meet The Team


Billi is an ever-expanding and innovating brand within the market, with some of the best water systems and taps on the market. We invite you to join us over this series to get to know the faces behind the brand that make Billi water systems so great. 

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