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Meet the Billi Team – Chris Vass Onboarding Manager

Billi is a business built on people. The people we work for and the people who work for us. Meet the Billi team who collectively have a wealth of knowledge and broad experience to draw from when helping our customers, but they have a fun side too…

Meet Chris Vass, our Onboarding Manager.

Meet the Team - Chris Vass (Billi Water Systems UK)


What does Chris do for our customers?

My previous experience includes Sales, Account Management, Project Management, Logistics, and Business Analytics.

Now with working for Billi my job is to manage the onboarding process for all our customers. My teams ensure units arrive when they need to and one of our qualified engineers attends on the right day and time to install the unit.

What do you love about working for Billi?

I love working for Billi as we get to work with some great clients. The Onboarding Team has managed some exciting projects and it is great to see our taps installed in these finished spaces.

What do you get up to outside of work?

I am married and have three children and a Spaniel, so life is busy outside of work. Most weekends see us out walking with the dog and meeting family and friends (when it is allowed). I watch most sports but mainly watch football and I am a Leicester City fan; I am also a big American Football fan and support the 49ers.


Meet the Team - Chris Vass (Billi Water Systems UK)


Billi is an ever-expanding and innovating brand within the market, with some of the best water systems and taps on the market. We invite you to join us over this series to get to know the faces behind the brand that make Billi water systems so great. 

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